How not to screw it up when looking for a job

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2014_5cT3ZYsmJf6KXWe have repeatedly written about how should look your resume that you were accepted, what should be the cover letter, what questions should ask at a job interview and much more.

Today we decided to gather in a heap the most epic feil that you can do in the process of work to protect you from career failure.

Resume and cover letter

1. Spelling

There can be no justification for the availability in your resume or cover letter spelling, punctuation or any other errors, typos and other things.

Your resume is your calling card. It’s your first and possibly last chance to get this position, so before you click on the «send» button ten times double-check what you’re sending.

2. Lie

Today, almost any information provided to you about your career path very easily, if necessary, to check. Never lie in your CV. In addition, to avoid inaccuracies. Dates of employment, name of posts, companies, everything must be written in accordance to reality.

3. Gaps

Large gaps of unemployment — another reason for the issues. However, the questions will be when you will be invited for an interview, which, most likely, will not take place, because you have the summary of large gaps.

One solution is to specify in the summary the causes of unemployment. Freelancer you or Zen in the monasteries of Tibet, do not be shy, write about it.


1. Late

Never, don’t be late for an interview. Better to arrive early and sit on a bench near the house, than to be late at least 5 minutes. No, seriously, you need this job? If necessary, remember: nothing is more damaging to your image as being late. Even a small delay denounces you as a person irresponsible, not able to manage your time, don’t value the time of others.

2. Enabled phone

Always turn off or at least stood in silent mode your cell phone before sitting down in the chair in the office of the recruiter. Distracted by the calls and texts during the interview — the last thing.

3. Interruption

Never interrupt your interlocutor. Even if you can’t wait to argue or clarify something, be sure you wait for him to finish talking, and then insert their 5 kopecks. Don’t be a boor.

Social network

1. Compromising photos of

Most likely, immediately after the employer received your «response» to a job, he went to the world wide web to look for your accounts in social networks. Remember that the worst recommendation you as an employee can become not a break in career or extra comma in the summary, and your pictures from last new year. If you know what I mean.

Watch your content spread in the network, man.

2. Aggression

In addition to photos that demonstrate your passion for alcohol and the lack of principles, an employer may be confused by a large number of aggressive offensive posts on your wall in VK.


In addition to the above points, I want to remind you about what it’s like to be human, to maintain a sense of self-worth, even if you are not accepted.

No need to fill email your failed employer angry letters or calling him at night. Your behavior may reach the ears of those people with whom you have to work.

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