How not to scare a friend with his own sexual fantasies



Dear team! I love you already for at least two years and I am confident that our bond will only grow stronger! Too many why you rescued me, taught, coached.

Actually, the question. Please leave it anonymous:

To me soon, a friend moved, decided to live together after a three year relationship. She is wonderful and everything about her is great, but some of my, shall we say, «fantasy,» I just can’t embody. Shy, don’t even know how she’ll react. So sometimes we meet other girls just to make them, then feel free to do with her. I feel awful, but, nevertheless, she soon arrives, and to destroy the relationship you do not want to walk but also I’ll never.

Do not scold, but please help…

What do I do? To admit? But I’m afraid of being rejected and misunderstood.

Your loyal reader.

The answer

Hi, good friend and our reader. Don’t worry. Every question is anonymous, so we won’t turn you in, although already know your name, address, social security number and name your dog. The editor moved your: «don’t scold, will you, please, help…». We even shed a few tears, so to leave you without an answer would be a sin of the highest order.

Very sorry that you didn’t tell what kind of fantasies going on. So it would be easier to answer. Because the boundary of what is permitted, as suggested by our employee, we all have different. But in a society already have some kind of rate distortions. In other words, no one would blame you if you want to made a Blowjob. Anal sex also in order. Not all girls like it, but his practice was the norm for twenty-first century. If your «perversion» of this kind, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. On the topic of «back doors» we have a lot of benefits — you can start with this text, and then understand. On the other hand, if you have not voiced your imagination, you still feel shy, you hate to talk about it publicly and you do consider it abnormal.

What could it be? You might want to dress up your girl in a baby to call her mom during sex, or just pee on it (the latter seems less strange today) — all for the average person it sounds disgusting. But, you’re not unique in those desires. The human psyche — the untilled field. And I would have refused to name the various sexual dramatization of abnormality. The world is changing fast and who knows, maybe the genres of extreme porn, which we once wrote, will become commonplace. Get off on the fact that you want to commit an act of emptying the breast of his girlfriend. Think it’s pretty disgusting, not to tell us about it in the letter.If you dumped all the truth at one time, the girl will immediately run for the Mexican border from you. So, wait a little with the very act and a way to test the waters. It is unlikely your friend the nun, which honors only the missionary position. Try to find the threshold of her perversion, she is not going to go. And start to act on the rise. It is unlikely that you will be able to liberate a friend for one session. Read De Sade, the French writer very well open the topic of sex, especially in «Justine». If you want a friend not just hear you, but was happy to get your strange sexual preferences, you should instill in the girl a desire for experimentation. And do not push it, because dull and boring sexual life quickly, but suppressed desires of a sexual nature have never played into the hands of man. Such things can and life to break and make you miserable, and to sow the seed of future rupture.

In any case, you have to understand that sex (when done right) does not destroy a relationship, but only strengthens them. More chat with a friend on this subject, more try and don’t make her feel uncomfortable. And remember that your friend also have a dirty wishes. Maybe they coincide with yours, who knows? Ask your question wording

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