How not to quit a workout

how not to quit a workout

Oh, this question of training! Always there are problems with them. You know, man? Here comes the same Monday that you’re going to start playing sports. You go to the gym and worked conscientiously. Then next workout, then another one. But in the end after the second or third week you organically and naturally blend from the gym, like it should be. And then the idea of training forgotten about six months. And again the same trick.

Motivation is the important thing. It we often lack. How many good things it was not carried out only because we didn’t have enough motivation! Time to finish this. At least don’t let the lack of motivation to turn you into a bloated chubby guy: that’s unacceptable! Let’s talk about how to motivate myself to not quit a workout.

1. Listen to energetic music

Music is almost the main component of any workout. For God’s sake, and I would have cemented his ears, not to hear Timothy in my gym. I don’t pretend to know what you like, man: I am sure that you listen only to good music that would fit for my workouts. But I will tell you about 10 of their favorite tracks for the gym.

  • Wiz Khalifa: «Work Hard, Play Hard»;
  • 50 Cent: «Hate it or love it»;
  • Underoath: «it’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door»;
  • Skrillex: «Bangarang»;
  • Eminem: «Till I collapse»;
  • Limp Bizkit: «Rollin'»;
  • A Day to Remember: «Over My Head (Cable Car)»;
  • Rick Ross: «Hold Me Back»;
  • Oxxxymiron: «The XXX Shop»;
  • Finch «What it is to burn».

Among them are the old hits, but I can listen to them indefinitely.


Great people couldn’t be stupid. The wisdom of these nice folks can help you to overcome laziness and make another victory over himself. Here are my favorite sayings.

«What’s behind you and what lies ahead of you, pales in comparison with what lies within you» – Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet.

«Borders, like fears, it is only an illusion» – Michael Jordon, basketball player.

«Champions do not become Champions in the ring, there is only the recognition comes».

«People want to change circumstances in your life, but do not seek to change themselves, they therefore remain limited», James Patterson, writer.

«Neither critics nor those who point out mistakes and misses a strong man, do not play a role. Important one who is actually in the arena; whose face is covered with dust, sweat and blood; who strives valiantly forward; who is wrong, but trying again and again, because there are no attempts with no errors. Important one who really seeks to do business; who have no enthusiasm; one who prays; who spends himself in something worthwhile. If it fails, it will be a failure in a great attempt to do something important, and it will not take place with those cold and timid souls who never knew neither victory nor defeat» — Benjamin Franklin.

3. Remember your reasons

This concerns not only training, but also everything you do. If you say something, buy something, do something, you always need to know why. Same thing with training.

For example, for a long time I trained because I played in the University football team. I needed to be in shape to play well. Then I graduated, and with him his football career. But the gym I have not given up: I liked the process of training. But it did not seem like reason enough. Then one fine day I realized: I keep going to the gym because I like the spirit of competition and simultaneous companies that reigns there. So I go to the gym so far.

Always know what your reason. People are motivated by different things, so if you just want to attract girls, there’s nothing wrong, quite the contrary. Just think what figure they like, and pick the appropriate set of exercises. If you just want to show off cool bishoy in front of his bro – this is not bad. When you’re honest with yourself about your motivation, it’s easier for you to go to the target.

4. Inspirational video

In the end, in the XXI century: you can enjoy the benefits of civilization to motivate yourself to do great things.

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