How not to miss your chance

Life can be good, bad, successful or unsuccessful, but it may not be predictable. You never know what will happen tomorrow or next week. We can guess, predict, but at the crucial moment the cards are mixed and you would have to fear the future. In such chaos, the worst thing you can do is to act. Your life may be long, maybe too short. In any case, we will be very sorry, if fate will give you a chance and you threw it in the pantry, the basement or the attic, and will not bite with his teeth like a chance deserves.

Don’t think too long

You don’t have to hesitate when you are offered a decent job or important project. If you see in the drop down on your head chance great prospects, if you’re confident in your abilities, forget what you «think things through». Thinking does not always have the time. Sometimes they give you a few minutes to say Yes. And these few minutes will decide your whole future life. We don’t think you want to regret the missed opportunities just because you don’t have enough time.

Don’t be afraid of losses

If the chance does not include any losses that about him and I don’t think such a chance to enjoy immediately. But most often we get the chance, which can potentially take away from us what we have acquired back-breaking labor. This fear is the reason to stay at that level, which will be with you until the end of life is a big mistake. If you want to grow, then you need to train your body and soul to the risk justified risk. Think about what heights you can achieve, if you forget about the fear of loss.

Don’t go on about loved ones

Did you find out about the unique opportunity to live in Ecuador for two months working on the Coca plantations. You’re not stuck — you are a free man and already collect suitcases. Friends envy you, because you earn money, see a new country and coming back with such a great wealth of knowledge that last forever. But suddenly, there are people who start to put spokes in the wheel, and these people very close to you — a girlfriend, friends, family, mom and dad. They dissuade you from your crazy idea and you just give up.

Now run it this situation in my head again, and then imagine that you’re going to feel in ten years, twenty, thirty. When a girl will change the other parents will catch senile, and friends cease to be friends. So why are you going on about these people? You had a great opportunity, and you trusted his life to those who will not be with you forever. Be independent in all decisions — that’s our advice.

Don’t be afraid of difficulties

We are afraid of the upcoming tests, because if you offer something important, serious and cool, and claim with you in full, and this means — brace yourself, prepare for challenges and never be afraid. Every challenge builds character, makes you stronger, adds to your personality steel and gunpowder that make you free and self-sufficient unit. No doubt that chance is always a test of strength. And if it falls, it will be foolish to abandon it just because you’re scared of difficulties. In a pinch, you can always give back, if it becomes absolutely unbearable.

Look around

We told you about what not to do, but to complete the text we want prohibitions, and practical tips on what to do. And you need, above all, be attentive to the world — you have to notice small details in the actions of others. The details can be hidden the chance you are waiting for. One slip of the tongue over a beer that he has long wanted to make a movie, and you’ve been wanting to write a script? Here’s the chance you were waiting for. Friend has complained that they can not find a sensible lawyer in your company? Why not try, if you have a degree, and current job pay enough? If you’re careful, you will definitely find an opportunity that will change your life for the better.

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