How not to miss their workouts

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_Rse1shkNamYwiYou focus all your will in a fist and stomped to the gym, that’s just boredom hit you with his head during a monotonous workout. Many people end up not even because of laziness or lack of motivation – they simply become boring to perform the same identical exercises. But there are many simple things through which you can prevent such situations. Today we will tell you what it needs.

1. Hire a personal trainer

If you always go to the gym, constantly downloading from the Internet all new exercises and progress as there was, and no, it’s time to think about a personal trainer. This specially trained person can teach you new exercises or test technique long known to you, to track your progress. Working with a coach will provide you a guaranteed result, of course, if he’s a good coach, and confidence in the gym.

2. Joint training

Fall on the tail of his friend-or pitching you the same drischu like you, and forward – preparing for the summer beach season in advance! But not as usual, three days before the beginning of June. Divide the responsibility for two and don’t let each other be the excuse to shy away from strength training in this temple of testosterone and muscle.

3. To set realistic goals

It is extremely important to motivate yourself to achieve realistic goals. It is clear that perfection has no limits and framework in mind, but if you’re after a month in the gym will throw a workout in because I see no progress and still don’t bench a hundred, then it is not in the hall of the trainer or the exercises. This is pure demotivation. So write down all your goals and plans for the current month, which really reach for this period, and follow the plan.

4. Track your progress

After set goals, watch your progress, otherwise you are unlikely to find. One of the ways – the photographs of his body. It is a motivating method to staying on track, especially when you clearly see how incredible girolamini was only a couple of months ago.

5. Learn new exercises

It is important that the training was varied and interesting. Learn a new technique every month, not forgetting to consult with a trainer.

6. Put variety in your workout routine

Change exercises, number of reps, tempo or rest periods between visits. Don’t be afraid to try new equipment: weights, matbuly, Swiss balls, TRX, rubber loop will dilute the routine and will keep you on your toes.

7. Listen to the music during a workout

Needless to say that played at the hall on the power of song Survivor Eye of the Tiger» adds 30 points to the power and 99 stamina? Excellent training playlist can inspire you to work to the fullest, giving it in full. Try as often as possible to update the music so you don’t have time to get bored and you do not get bored doing cardio.

8. Listen to your body

If you have been a hellish day, but nonetheless, you found the strength for the gym, maybe your body would be overly sensitive to intense strength training. Listen to your body. Do stretching, do focus on cardio. Do what’s right for your body.

9. To challenge yourself

Try scoring totals after each workout and try to the best of their forces and capabilities at least a little, but raise the bar over and over again. Do not exceed 80% level of its own load, otherwise you can get injured.

10. Train when you have the most energy

If you want to keep your workout interesting and fresh, it makes sense to train at that time of day when you have most energy. If you train late in the evening after a long day in the office, you’ll have plenty of temptations to hammer on this business. No matter what you «owl», the world belonged to and will belong to the «lark», so try to retrain yourself and change your routine in order to achieve his goal.

11. One day of rest at least

At least once a week to relax from the hardcore mode of physical exercises. Relax, pamper tired muscles in a hot bathtub and courageously give in to doing nothing, if you deserve it.

12. The sequence

Strictly stick to the routine training cycle, hit the gym at least three times per week to see the result.

13. Do not give in to excessive emotions

If something does not work, take it as a challenge and deal with this complication manly. Consider your achievements in fitness as project work and be prepared for the fact that you are in for a long and difficult labor.

14. Consider the long term

Achieve any success until the summer, throws a workout, because they will help you stay healthy and more Mature age.

15. Take a break

Instead of looking at what you failed to achieve during a workout, focus on what you have achieved. Don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself to past and present. You are your own biggest judge and critic and guide.

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