How not to lose this summer

Looking back, I suddenly realized that my summer months has always been a time of missed opportunities. Carefree childhood you can relax, go and relax, relax, relax. At the Institute, things are like this: summer training materials no one repeats that seriously affects learning. Even if you work, and take vacations in the fall or winter, it is still summer is on autopilot: no progress, no development. After each work day you’re coming home, grabbing a couple of cans of beer and a packet of crisps to rest on a hot evening.


But this time of year for many reasons is the best for productive work, for growth. In the Sunny months there is a huge potential that we see. And tomorrow, this potential will once again open its doors to you. This time we hope that you will not repeat the mistakes of millions of people and will be able to spend the summer so that he would remember it for years to come. In the meantime, we’ll drop some of my ideas on this subject.

1 Vitamins summer is the perfect time to fill the balance of vitamins in the body. Vegetables, fruits, berries – eat them often. Don’t be shy and operation of a mommy’s meat eater. Vegetables make you stronger, and generally useful, and in the summer you have access to them at the lowest price in a year. Seasonal tomatoes (and other vegetables and fruits) are very different not only in price, but the taste of winter tomatoes. Make the salads, put them in the burgers, eat them clean.

2 Sea You a suggest: friends, girlfriend, mom and dad. Download the sea and we will advise you, because the summer that had not seen the sea, so wrong summer. Take a vacation for a week and go to the South. Try to choose a not too popular place, so as not to spoil the impression of the landscape, naked and bloated bodies, located on the sand.

3 Driver’s license If you still not, then in the summer you can enroll in a driving school. Three months should be enough to take everything you need to get the rights and not to worry about it. We have said that the driver’s license should be, just in case, and his words, we do not refuse.

4 Sport


Winter gain weight, because the only way to exercise is to go to the gym. But in winter to go to the gym lazy, autumn – rainy, and spring is too crowded. And why do you need the room, if there is warm outside? Summer captivating it. You can play sports for fun, for example, ride a bike, do a morning run, which will not weigh down your nerves. In General, summer – chic for entertainment and sports. Get out with friends on the football field and drive the ball, or rent a table tennis table and spend time with benefits. Physical activity is not excessive.

5 to Complete the work begun In the winter time you are so tired, getting home in traffic. The apartment is cold, outside even colder, you are wrapped in a blanket and sit at the computer or watching soap operas. Any matters not want to engage in such gloom. But in the summer you consciously went out on a couple of stops early to walk along the alley, which is unclear when it had become so green. In the summer you have quite a different mood (not yet started heat), you’re full of energy. It’s time to finish the job, be it a project or even nedochitannaya book. Business and pleasure is necessary to bring to a logical end. So finish up to the last page and do something else. You know, what are the worst in the business world? Correct – unfinished business.

6 Stop if it’s not yours, If you already lie in the hammock in the middle of your vacation somewhere on a Sunny beach, it’s time to think about. Think about your life. Such a great time to have a serious conversation with yourself. Maybe you took a wrong turn and doing something that disgusts you. Maybe you want a better life, but do not dare to take steps to achieve it. Take a few days to think about it and, most importantly, to make a decision. What? Only you know.

8 to Raise qualification


Sign up for some interesting courses. Now there are a lot of free. Additional education never hurt anyone, especially if the topic is attractive. In General, after the University often have to go in all kinds of educational gatherings, because every year you get smarter and begin to understand more about their own desires. Thus, if you realize that studying at University was useless, you wouldn’t stay with bare ass behind there are various instructions that you know is really interesting.

9 Extreme experience it is best to remember different of madness, for example, parachute jump. In the summer to make it safer: clear skies predicted wind flows. If you don’t like the height, you can descend the river by kayak, or to arrange a extreme climbing a mountain. All of this is deposited in the memory for many, many years, almost until his death.

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