How not to lose the youth

Waste we can — just to remember our beautiful Shabbat section «How to fuck the weekend» in which we were given fun tips on how to effectively (or not) to kill time. Jokes jokes, but there comes a moment become deadly serious and panisidine for the common good. For example, to give valuable guidance to all proserum life dudes so they thought better of it and ceased to waste their time, as if they have there is still a couple of years. They are not. So, it’s time…

1. To make a new friend «not your format»

Say, a dude who always sits in the corner with downcast eyes and only a dream that as little as possible to catch the eye of others. Or the girl that after a mere five minutes after meeting someone tells you about hundreds of its former. At first glance difficult to understand, but they may be the most interesting people I have ever met in my lifetime. In each look for the positive qualities and pay attention primarily on them.

Everyone has flaws, but for the soul there is an amazing story — you just have to ask.

2. To learn a foreign language, even if you are not given

Do you think this venture is appreciated, when you have to talk to someone who does not understand Russian. Maybe they’ll laugh at your stupid mistakes and pronunciation — but this is unlikely. People usually do not pay attention to such things when talking to a foreigner. You will become more confident, even if it will be about something other than knowledge of foreign languages.

When you speak a foreign language, the world is expanding, and you will automatically have more opportunities and options to find friends, to get acquainted with a foreign culture, to understand the words in songs, even in the labor market you listed above those who speak only Russian. Yes, and very nice.

3. To travel alone

This is one of the most important points. Maybe you’re not rich and can’t travel through the six months — but even the nearest big city is already something.

The whole point was to voluntarily expel themselves from their familiar environment and to understand what kind of a person is in a difficult situation. In a situation when you will not come nor relatives, nor friends.

The occupation is risky, but exciting. Travel is no substitute.

4. Quit the hated job and a job where you will like

Maybe you have to borrow money. Maybe you don’t follow in the footsteps of his father, as he had always dreamed of. The complexity of the idea — not a reason to abandon it.

We all worked there, where we don’t enjoy it to some extent, useful experience, which teaches you about responsibility and disciplinary.

However, you do yourself a disservice, turning every day into a torture at a job that I hate. You bury your talents in the ground and suck it up. Fight for what you stand: for a good cause is worth fighting for.

5. To love and not to love you — repeat until you get bored

How else will you understand what you need in a relationship?

Yes, it will be difficult, but the complexity is still better than the eternal bewilderment from the category of «what if…» Even a failed relationship is an experience, and experience makes you Mature.

6. Find a favorite thing, not related to money

He dedicate most of your free time. Let’s be honest now, you read on the Internet the list compiled by the stranger; and for a time you have in bulk. Even if it would cost you watching a favorite series — still do. The series can watch it later.

7. To meet their fears

Afraid to be alone in a foreign country? Today book the ticket. Afraid of getting lost? Leave the GPS at home and ask people on the street how to get to the library.

I’m afraid to go to drawing lessons, because there are probably cooler than you? Go sign up.

I’m afraid to ask out a bartender because «she’s much cooler than you and probably invite her a hundred times a day»? To tell me what to do?

What happens if you’re always going to be afraid of? Nothing special. Drop the excuses and live. Be normal.

8. To accept that you are who you are

You’re a man and want to do yoga, but you’re ashamed. What’s wrong with it? You’re not children to eat together.

Enough to run the worst scenarios of development of events. It is not going to happen. Do what you do — no matter what.

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