How not to lose the passion and aspiration on the way to the dream



Congratulations,!!! Much respect and crazy love your advice. Sometimes I read and think: well, exactly for me ))) But still I am tormented by one question, which I can’t figure it out for myself. Need advice of people with experience and unique perspective. Your advice. How not to give up chasing the dream.

I’m a simple guy from a small country that few people know. After the death of his father, his mother went abroad, and in that moment alone, I realized all the hardships of life: work, school, rent, and so I had already started to think about what I’ll live my life, achieving what you want. And I want a small apartment, a nice car, a loving wife and an interesting job.

Now I’m 21, and I still have nothing. Specifically left his native country after the end of a techie to earn money on dream. Now I’m in England. Working 6 days a week. Do everything you can to not give up. But as much as I tried, the dream of not getting closer. And my excitement and fervor gradually fade, that scares me…

What do I do?

The answer

Congrats, man is ashamed of his homeland. Is Moldova? The Baltic States? Burundi? Saint Kitts and Nevis? If so, how did you get there anyway?

Thank you so much for the inspiration, will try not to disappoint you in the future, their texts, and in particular this answer. Be warned, something you might not like, but alas, all good this paradoxical nature that it no one likes to have bad attractive grin. Take healthy food.

So, we’ve written more detailed article about the metaphysics of happiness. Let Slavoj Zizek argues that happiness does not exist. This arrogant Slovenian said, «If you want to remain happy, just remain stupid. Geniuses are never happy. Happiness is a category of slaves.» But happiness is a stimulus, a hope, it is a mythical creature, which is everything: dictators, and philosophers becomes warmer on a soul. Excuse me, Fame, we don’t swabhumi, we need to justify its existence the belief that all will be well.

In this article we have paid attention to the fact that dreams should be specific. Remember, in all cultures necessarily had at least one tale, the essence of which boiled down to a simple: «Be precise in what you wish for». Your abstract «family-land-machine» is not a wish, it’s a stereotype imposed by culture. See, every dream gives only short-term satisfaction. Take the most banal example: you wanted the girls, still achieved, but after a month the fun is gone. Or have collected on your new iPhone, all refused, and then after a month of active use understood that the purchase was not justified.

Therefore, it is much wiser to put before itself specific targets: for example, until the end of the year to get promoted or to move to more comfortable accommodation. It is difficult to advise something specific, because we don’t know about your financial situation and the level of wages, but also about how you handle money: send or mother or just lay in a big jar.The same Zizek said, «We do not become happy when we get what we wanted. Only when we dream about it.» Happiness is not the endpoint that should be achieved; in fact, happiness is not a «thing» at all. Happiness is a way of being, a long process. It is the dreams and happiness. In order not to go crazy, try to enjoy the little things around you, in them lies the secret of happiness. Happy people understand that life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it, and all because happiness is a practice.

So reconsider your goals, make them more specific and suitable specifically for the situation. Don’t think globally keep it simple, mate. It is clear that the immigrant is not so many opportunities, so we do not advise you to change the scope of activities. But once you come to seek their fortune in foreign lands, be consistent, go all the way. Life has given you to try all your shitty diversity at a very young age, so you’re a man tempered, and believe me, worse than it was in the years when his father died. Grit your teeth, Pasha and rethink your goals.

Really want to give you a more detailed answer, but sorry, you gave too little information. It would be easier if you told us more about your goals: are you going to make money and live happily ever after at home or to become an Englishman, living in an ancient castle in Leicestershire and catch yourself a nasty look, an Anglican priest who knows you’re fucking his wife, but doesn’t know how to stop it. We don’t know your country and its traditions — maybe you have decided to earn in Europe, like the Bosnians, massively went to Germany to work.But if you are a donkey, then try to take the mentality of the new country. For the British to live a normal life in a rented apartment, to pay loans and talk about Pets. Adopting a new way of thinking, you will become a new way to perceive reality, and there the money will appear and the apartment more cozy. Each mentality because their ideas about beauty and the best, so trying to change them, you at least occupy themselves. It will breathe new views, thinking, worldview. Don’t know how things are going with friends, but if not, the circle will expand.

Again, you made it clear you’re there alone, or lack of communication no. If not, then it is clear why everyone is so tired. From work, as you know, horses die, so you should relax, even if you’re at work. So in fact you can clink glasses — fatigue kills dreams. So chat and relax as possible in your situation.

Good luck to you, and when you have enough millions to raise from the bottom of the second football League of England a «Leyton Orient», remember the magazine that was trying to help you.

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