How not to lose shape when traveling

Poradi.yak.ua_16.05.2014_wjRxADOFr0XaTNot to recover in the journey is difficult, especially if you do not live in the same hotel, and is periodically moved. You don’t have time to workout, you don’t know how to start, how to choose healthy food and to limit yourself when your life is such a special event. So what to do?

The first and main step is to find a budget source of healthy food. One of the cornerstones of good form — proper nutrition: our body depends on the food by 80%. Can do exercise, can not do, but for those who can not boast of supersonic speed of a metabolism or a Burger will be consequences. The second important step is to find a place where you would like to train.

1. Stay away from the tourist areas

There’s nothing worse than eating in the tourist area. It is filled with restaurants and street cafes, which beckon us to himself. The fast food is all kinds of burgers, corn dog and hot dog, and they always have inflated prices. It is better to plan your route to avoid fatty foods.

2. Find a grocery store

Grocery stores and markets is the best place to quickly find healthy food. Depending on your expectations and demands in the food, they will be much (or not much) cheaper than the food in the cafe. A definite plus hikes on foreign shops — a chance to touch other people’s life. In the end, I don’t think you learn something about local customs in line for a corn dog.

3. Walk

This is probably the best way to stay in shape, because on foot you can reach every place. To be outside is good for health, the more you’re exploring an unfamiliar city and unable therefore to find an interesting way to spend an evening or tomorrow.

4. Study in the room or in the hotel gym

If your hotel has a gym, don’t worry, I ate on the street something fatty and high in calories. Those who have in the hotel no gym (which is the most economical choice), we can advise on the exercises in the room on our programs or by downloading instructional videos on the Internet. Find exercises that require no weights, and just enough sex.

5. Go to the Park

If you don’t like to train in a room and you don’t mind that you will be looking, find a nearby Park, if such, of course. Parks and playgrounds is a good choice, because there are playgrounds, and there you can catch up on the bar and find other suitable shells. Even in parks with a lot of space — you can run and not worry about what someone gets hit with an elbow or slam into someone else’s back.

6. Be responsible

To train while traveling is much harder than at home. You are not only busy but also interested in another: you are surrounded by unknown places and interesting classes, new exotic food and attractions — how can you resist? If you have a long and minutely planned out the day, Wake up early and work out in the morning. You’ll feel fresh, and it’s energizing and patience.

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