How not to lose relations in 2014

It was a bribe.field.ua_4.01.2014_t4aQ0nIrIXiqANo wonder that the new year has finally begun. Despite the endless drinking, endless hangovers and endless rest, everything was back to normal and ready to implement the promises made to ourselves at the end of last year. Kolis, made promises? Given, I know. But the friends think? With them, we always lose a head, good dudes turn into cowardly fools and behave inappropriately, even if the last time you drank 3 January. It’s all garbage, man. Don’t be spineless jelly. Be good! Here they are, a relationship rule that we try not to break in 2014.

1. I’ll stop drunk calling your ex

When you get drunk and call a girl that you’re Dating, it’s even nice, «Darling, I’m in the shit, I have misplaced the car keys and for some reason the left Shoe, I love you so much». Here any will melt your heart. Another thing, if you already broke up, and every conversation inevitably ends with your drunken tears, her well-he got tears and mutual recriminations. Remember: nothing good ever happened to call the former.

2. «I’m a spontaneous man.»

Was my bro, who thought for a girl you had been Dating for exactly a month, awesome first date with a whopping seven stages, the restaurant and the walk, and some chocolate shop in General, confuse the glory. Cool happened, but for a first date it was too. We with my girlfriend on our first date we went to the Botanical garden with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle when in backpacks, drank them on a bench in the dark, walk up and called a taxi. And just remember the glory. By the way, was even better: it was far in the autumn of 2012 and we are still together. Spontaneity is a great thing!

3. «I’m not going to drive girlfriends in the same place»

«You’ll love this café, I always drove to my ex» — what?! At any moment to drive different girlfriends in the same place. First, there you can meet your ex: as the saying goes, remember the shit — that’s it. Secondly, different women have different tastes, thirdly, experimentation is the engine of progress.

4. «I’ll be her knight»

Without horse, arms and sword — all that shit nobody wants. What do you need? Basic rules of conduct. Open doors for her. First, fill her glass and then his own. Pay your bill.

5. «I will be attentive to details»

Women’s world 90 percent consists of small things and 10 of the moisturizer. Pay close attention to everything, and this small «all» a lot will tell you all about it. Three months go out with her and never visited her house? She sets the rules, and you obediently comply with them? She doesn’t care about you. Leave her alone and find yourself someone better.

6. «I won’t lose her head»

There once was a curly haired type 200 years or so ago. He once said, «the less we love a woman, the easier she likes us». Got it? To make it easier to like, show less enthusiasm, while not turning into animals. Balancing is easier than you think.

7. «I’m not an asshole»

A direct consequence of the previous paragraph. If you like her, call her. Stick to the truth. And it is not necessary after the first sex to disappear for a week, she’ll start to convince yourself that you do not need it. There are many things to remember.

8. «I’m not going to stew over the relationship»

I never tire of repeating that the above relationship should work. «Work, damn it!» I say in every post about relationships. But sometimes to follow this advice is not necessary. Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether the cost of a bad relationship a Herculean effort. Is that to say goodbye is even harder than the hundredth time to bring his unnecessary apology.

9. «But I’ll give her a chance to the last»

On a first date it might not seem so cool, I agree, but some to open up, needs more time. At least three times, dude. If so, and this time, no, no.

10. «I’m going to give it attention»

Bad, if during a visit you will call mom and you will begin on the spot to tell her how you’re doing. Why? For what? Wait till she go to the toilet, and then check the phone and if the call is really important, apologize and step away to talk.

11. «I’m not going to entirely rely on her profile pic»

Turns out, somebody smart enough to carry out a study and found that men pay more attention to pictures made by someone other than the natural self. But crossbows can also be given a chance. As a potential Jeroham.

12. «I won’t avoid tough topics»

There is no opportune moment to tell the girl that you already have a child, what are you two months ago was going to marry, or what have you, God forgive me, genital herpes. Oh, wait, there is. It first date.

13. «New year — new beginning»

All their Luggage leave in the past year. The place where he.

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