How not to kill each other when they’re moving in with a friend


Thinking about a civil marriage with a friend? If so, then welcome to one of the most potentially stressful periods in your life. You are not going to dissuade you from that adopted solutions won’t laugh at indiscretion. We’re not thieves, we want to help. Therefore we will give you some important tips that will help you not to kill each other and not to make a life together in a real war.

1 get Ready to lose many things do you Have a favorite old chair, paint which has peeled in the last century? Or poster with your favorite character from DC? Maybe a collection of old magazines and a broken VCR to which you feel a warm feeling? Understand, for many of these things will be no more places will have both to compromise. Some of them will go in the trash. You have to spend on new furniture, which will suit not only you, but her.

2 Check on the monetary situation of a friend And tell her about yours. Only it is not necessary to apply the tactics of the Communists — not always divide the money equally fair. Someone is always working more, some less or not at all working. It is best to specify monetary costs in advance, to talk about the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Rent and utility services new Delhi according to the findings that you get, when you talk about money with his girlfriend. Maybe you should take all the rent, perhaps only a small part. Everything depends on the income and where you spend free money. Not cool if you spend it on booze, and the girlfriend, meanwhile, furnishes your apartment with furniture.

3 Your cinematic tastes You might love the TV series «Gotham» and horror movies, and she — «Parks and recreation» and melodramatic Comedy. It is not always possible to watch everything at once — time just yet. And tastes can be different. But is it possible to live with a friend and not to watch something together? It is better to specify separately their views on the movie. Pick something for General viewing. Something you will never see without her. See the rest in my spare time, when she’s not home. This is a nice idea if you don’t want to overload your brain that you don’t like, or get a friend to see what she’s nodding.

4 Alternately decide what to cook for dinner


Here’s a look at his chats on the culinary theme. She asked what do you want for dinner. You say, «I don’t know, what do you want?» After you spend several hours analyzing different ideas until late in the evening. Ugomonivshis, go to different rooms to eat their noodles, because dinner never got cooked. Are you annoyed her too, and all because you couldn’t answer this simple question. So, no one knows what he wants for dinner. Of course, there is sometimes a desire to eat something specific, but at other times the desire is wrapped in mist. Offer to resolve this issue at a time. One day, you choose the food, other times she is. No questions asked.

5 Be prepared that you will see unpleasant things So it will happen. A friend sooner or later you’ll fart, I’ll leave tuft of hair in the sink, to catch you masturbating to porn with dwarfs. It will just happen, because to hide such things forever could not be anyone. Try to forget it all as quickly as possible and don’t dwell on what he saw.

6 Learn to talk about the future Your friend might think you want to marry her as soon as you live with it for a few months. And you thought you didn’t, you’re against the institution of marriage, so I can wait another five years. It is very upsetting the girls, raises many implicit and explicit insults. Before you live together, make sure your friend wants the same as you. If not, then do not rush to sign the rental agreement.

7 Make sure that the close friend will not kill the real intimacy is a Common problem, which turns into a complete lack of sex. Paradoxically, the closeness can lead to loss of intimacy. Why? You will not have the fire that gives any separation for a long time. You see your girlfriend every day, she lies beside him every night. Then you come home and realize that sex you must be really tired because a friend is not going anywhere, will be able to wait. However, this situation occurs more often than not by our will. In any case, she and you, even if crazy tired should be happy to have sex any time of the day.

8 plan shared leisure

You can always lie on the sofa, clumsily flipping through a book or the news feed in a social network. But it should not waste its time. You should have ideas for how you want to spend time with a friend. And they should not be confined to TV. Try Board games, walks, evenings in jazz cafes. Try finding that kind of thing regularly, so as not to get bored. And lie on the couch you can always.

9 plan personal leisure on the other hand, personal space should always be. You cannot be constantly at each other’s faces. Must remain understanding that you are independent and self-sufficient people. You can easily go to play football with the guys, and she’s having dinner with her friends or go with them somewhere else. If it makes you uncomfortable when she eats and having a good time without you, maybe we shouldn’t rush things?

10 parts of the charge there is No need to hang a list on the fridge. Should just create a balance that would suit everyone. And this does not mean that you force her to clean the bathrooms just because I came her turn to deal with this. Generally we people are different, because we like to do, even in terms of cleaning and what not. Some people like to wash them — let them wash them constantly, while others wash floors and take out the garbage.

11 a Backup plan Now, not a lot of money, but the rent still to be paid. And it’s very common. Imagine that you break up with an uptight bitch, but to live it will have at least another six months because you can’t find suitable accommodation after their money. It is better to have a clear idea about where you can live, if the relationship will break. To drive-then, of course, nobody on the street.

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