How not to kill a neighbor

manygoodtips.com_22.05.2014_D7HOoheNHENmVA long time ago, we wrote about such a topical subject as the search roommate, now it’s time to tell you how to make it so that you didn’t kill each other during the first month of living together.

There are a few simple rules that will make your coexist in the same living space as comfortable as possible and help you avoid the most common scenarios quarrels.

Oh, by the way, the rules will work only if you both will follow them. Nothing else.

1. Get a

Nothing can provoke a conflict between neighbors faster than the unresolved issue of cleaning. No one likes to clean up after others. Even little things like hair in the sink after shaving have meaning: once washed the sink or some dirty dishes in the sink can, first, to turn the apartment into a pigsty, second, real hard to ruffle your neighbor.

2. Don’t eat his food

Worse than eat a Burger, lovingly wrapped in paper and left in the fridge in the morning, can be only sex with his girlfriend. Sometimes, depending on the «quality» of friends, eaten a Burger – it’s even greater crime.

3. Don’t bring home drunk friends

If you are hanging out with your neighbor together, in any case, collapses home with a crowd of fun friends. Even if you think that your neighbor’s time to relax from school or work and to hang out with you, he will appreciate your sudden altruism. Attempts to forcibly drag someone to the overall fun are rarely successful. Also, sometimes (especially in the case of real fatigue), the actual holiday is peaceful and deep sleep, but not a strong alcohol in the company of restless people.

4. Respect his interests

If you’re going to give yourself to someone – tell him about it. If you want to listen to music or talk on Skype tell me. You can agree that he’s going to take a walk until you have the girl, that today you would listen to music in headphones so not to disturb him. In short, you will come to a compromise, and nobody would interfere. However, no compromise will, if brought to a girl, you just tell him: get out. He will not leave. Why do you have such problems? Talk to one another, demonstrate respectful attitude, this will help to avoid many unpleasant situations.

5. Don’t touch his stuff

Only if he didn’t tell you that «my X-box is your X-box,» don’t touch his things. It’s not even that you have something to break or damage. Some people are very sensitive to invasion of their personal space. Show respect – see paragraph 4.

6. To pay the bills on time

Once you have gathered, you should discuss how you will share the rent and bills for communal. And when you will pay. Do not wait until the last time, if you you shut off the water, or your neighbor will forgive you this error. Always charges fully and on time.

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