How not to go broke on Christmas shopping

We already wrote about how to save money during the holidays. But, first, as Lenin said: «Good say again and again repeat». And secondly, to have a few options that you can compare between them and choose something more optimal or ideal to combine will be very good, especially because each cashback service offers your chips.

Snowball winter holidays are quite capable of paving over your financial situation to the off-road, and saying «the more you give, the more remains» correlates with reality, frankly, not very. So you should save and return the money spent on gifts to their relatives and friends, then to not stand awkwardly fingering trembling hands penny in front of the counter — man is not a person.

How it works. Cashback


Cashback service is quite common in virtual trade. Their essence is very simple — they work with many famous brands and online shops. And if you have registered on one of them passed by reference in some shop, bought something, get a reward in the form of a percentage of purchases, which, by the way, can vary significantly — this loyalty system. However, a percentage of your purchase back not instantly, and sometimes you have to wait. But we’re talking about saving money, not time to sacrifice something have always. But the money derived in any convenient way: phone, a Bank card or e-wallet.

Service SmartySale, for example, works with more than 600 online stores, each offering their interest, bonuses and other buns, if you use their services. In addition, you can save using the service, but to earn! Take part in an affiliate program — I recommend SmartySale friends, share the link in social networks and get additional funds with each purchase.A lot or a little — it’s 600 stores, not know most of the missing and a few favorites, but a variety of offers and products are always good, especially in the holiday gifts all need: adults and children of both sexes.

We are told how not to splurge and give attention to all the people who deserve it. Now you want to talk about what you can find using SmartySale, and perhaps to recommend some products. Although you yourself with a mustache and perhaps a beard, but still a friendly advice never hurt.

1 Warm winter sweater


Gifts should be good. Our generation remembers how her mother and grandmother wouldn’t let us walk in the yard until we dressed warmer. If you want to take care and remind of the carefree childhood days, you can give the man a sweater. Of course, it needs to be associated with this coat, because in those we wore before to send to the street. It can give as a girl, and a close friend. Classic is not as popular because they were replaced by thousands of pullovers and sweatshirts, but we found the same sweater. And hurry, because winter is coming!2 book for the intellectual


Smart people any gift prefer the book and not us is seen. The only rule — book you need to choose wisely and give only to those who will appreciate. And if among your friends there is a man who on a desert island instead of a friend, and the guns take their huge library, then you can safely bestow his tomes, because for him it will be like a balm for the soul. Even very rare and limited print editions can be found in the book known online stores and save some money. In them you will select any book from the «Harry Potter» to «the Leviathan» of Thomas Hobbes. It is important not to forget about the advantages of his friend, the reader.

3 Game console


It would be cool to give your brother or nephew a video game console for the New year, you will receive +100 karma from the younger generation. At the same time, you can do a little flashback to those glorious days when we gathered with friends to go together «Chip and Dale», but if I wanted adrenaline, staged real battles in Mortal Kombat. Do game consoles have a special magic, which is not in the computers, and if you want to share it, that’s a hell of a good gift to children (and some adults). Moreover, many electronics stores before the holidays are extremely generous discounts. Believe me, gratitude for this gift will be disproportionately spent you money.

4 Action camera


Many people enjoy winter sports and probably go off to places where there is no shortage of snow. This is a cool and memorable stay, which would be nice to record and upload on YouTube so all your friends can look and praise, and enemies to envy. And after many many years sitting on the porch of the lake house would be nice to connect the neural interface and remember his extreme youth, sipping cranberry juice in a mechanized implant. And if you have friends that are crazy about kiting or skiing, then give them action camera. Now one of the most popular models is the Xiaomi Yi II, which can be purchased in the famous Chinese online store. The prices are so lower than in the Russian retail and cashback will be even cheaper.5 Hours

Since we are a men’s magazine about the jewelry I write very rarely, a good half of the editorial staff believes that the sole decoration of the stronger sex can only serve as a clock. So advise them. Watches for men are a great gift at all times. Your friend or boss a gift like that anyway, even if they weren’t wearing them. After hours today is not only the time and style but also status.

Should consider a subtle point associated with superstitions. Unfortunately, many at first glance, reasonable and intelligent people consider that watch as a gift is bad luck. If you are afraid to offend them, it is better to choose another gift. Well, if a person is deprived of such prejudice, then choose it suitable for its budget, focusing on the taste of who it present.

6 Equipment for tourists


In the winter people traveled to rest not only in the mountains of Finland, but in the warm countries. Possible, so do your parents, and if lucky, and grandparents. And if their stay is not limited to the vicinity of the hotel and the beach, where the only active grandfather is getting on the cap of the grandmother, they will need good equipment. People who are fond of active tourism, I love all kinds of lanterns, waterproof boxes of matches and multifunctional knives, so even such a small thing can lead them into raptures. Well, if you want something serious, you can always give the tent — this thing just will not lie idle, because it can take not only to another country, it is useful, and native open spaces.

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