How not to get lost in the world of gloss the camera person


The road operator is paved with stones of work and frustration. And frustrating the profession, and damn the customers. So, we talked to many photographers and cameramen, who quite happily and live comfortably, earning favorite craft. Fortunately, such as dogs nerezannyh (it’s just a comparison, we love operators), even in the face of tough competition. The tips are quite abstract, but nevertheless not devoid of use. Here you will learn the rules of shooting, editing, basic knowledge of camera – this will tell you experts in other places. Here professionals will teach you how not to get lost in this difficult, one might even say harsh business, my precious man. Turned «Baker’s dozen», but don’t be afraid of satanic figures.

1. Dating

Look around and you will see that it is sufficient merely to have regard and take a more or less tolerable to come to success and orders. Influential customers who will push you to experienced operators who will text you their orders which they do not want to go. Enough for the Holy enthusiasm to help people involved in this industry, and do it diligently, then to withdraw the rural wedding, and the normal fashion, as Crimean port Spider hangouts. Call you to remove the motor festival on a regional scale in the village of Upper Niz – agree. Will experience respect, his reputation as a skilled workaholic and the word «motor festival» in the portfolio.

2. Take any job

Especially if you pay for it. First is communication, second, experience. There are good people who for the sake of art will give you orders and to generously provide jobs for the love of your genius. Well, for the sake of you human relationships has made them a discount.

3. Do not spare money for equipment

Don’t skimp on his equipment. This is your tool you can tell the end of your hands. Whatever gold you haven’t been, if she’s old, she will not give such result, as the newer models. It is clear that any camera is better than none at all. But a beautiful picture has not been canceled. Plus, you can always show off expensive equipment before knowing nothing of the customer to convince him of his galactic coolness and explain why you require so much.

4. Enough to do the same – all tired

You can be on the wave, earn money, and you can create, experiment, invent and try new techniques. And just trying to make something of their own. Why nobody likes photographers and cameramen? Because many people think that they are all doing the same thing, but asking for different amounts. Clearly, if you are shooting weddings, it is unlikely that someone will pay attention to it. But if you went further and dealing with people who know a lot about this, your innovation will appreciate. In the end, it is creativity, pure creativity. And in the work it is important not to stand in one place. Shooting landscapes, unnatural Chicks in erotic poses and shit «like everyone else» is boring and uninteresting. I’m sure you have ideas of crazy projects!

But don’t forget one thing: it is important to always be in trend. Do you do a craft that needs it. Therefore, try to combine these two nuances as much as possible organically.

5. The customer is always goat

So, it will ask something to finish, to do something and alter their spiritual simplicity. Forgive him, the fool. Because he doesn’t understand anything. He thinks it’s nonsense, that level anyhow, not the hard hours for installation. Just humble yourself and don’t freak out. Try to convince, but not undercut. Don’t understand – shut up and redo, otherwise tarnished reputation.

6. The art of selling

Again, as the Shura Karetny, «my nigga.», think about what you want from your craft. Just the art of creating and the art of selling – two different kinds of art. To be successful, you need to learn to sell. Not himself, though in a sense, and itself, have and work. Well, here is more important than ever the skill and talent.

If you don’t know how to sell, find yourself a smart partner or partner. Some brisk Jewish agent, like in Hollywood movies, or just a smart guy in which you believe.

7. The uniqueness

Everywhere, in all spheres, especially where a high level of competition, I love people with a good reputation, people Executive, and most importantly, talent. And if all this artisan camera is the highlight, he’ll be missed. You can even put your creative quirks. Not always, but can. For this (for uniqueness, not for the sake of quirks) try to find 10 differences between their works and the works of other authors. Take into account the quality and price, and approach, and, accordingly, the material itself. If not, dig carefully. Only do not descend to impressionism, provocation and pornography. They are justified only in extreme cases. This requires courage and/or name.

8. Work, not criticize

Don’t waste time on intrigues and envy. Photographers, operators are not critics, and not critics. Most often, they have, to my great regret, no basic idea what art is. Create, show, and not ranting, you’re not a storyteller, the grain hanging on the forums and praise/blame each other, saying that this work is not taken into account the second principle of installation.

9. Work, the sponsor will come

Spend more time on creativity, not on finding sponsors. Suppose someone calls a computer with Internet enemies of the operator, but this is the perfect platform to host their work. Don’t look for investors, just do good work and vistavnaya, sponsors and buyers will find you. Well, if there is a faithful assistant Sancho Panza, who will find sureties, I believe that the God himself kissed you on the forehead and gave grace.

10. Legs

The photographer and the operator fed the language, and not the camera and the computer, even masters of their craft. Be mobile and easy to lift, don’t be lazy and don’t kid yourself about the adverse phrase: «will do» – just gonna hurt yourself.

11. The magic of the name and the shroud of Paphos

If you the passage of time will make a brand from his name, you will be able to sell any of you removed the little finger of his left foot bullshit for good money.

12. Be myself.

You do visual art, where the most important picture. Beautiful, dramatic picture. And for the customer it is important that you yourself look good. We «meet on clothes» in absolutely all spheres of activity. Again, Recalling paragraphs 1 and 4, looks a lot, make friends with the rich, maybe they are for fun to start to buy your first masterpieces.

13. Don’t push it

You are certainly creative, but not herself. You scream that Pasolini was a bugger, and you don’t have him to compare. But he had talent. And you drink cheap cognac, thoughts rushing in unrealized creativity, and hands slowly begin to shake. In addition to problems in the future, you will do nothing, so stop flushing his directorial genius in a crappy booze. By the way, smell of wine and cheap tobacco at least beat off half of your potential customers. Want to be successful – to know how to look good look good in front of clients. You’re not a writer and certainly not Bukowski.

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