How not to gain weight after the next holiday


Soon the New year, man, and the New year too much. You’ll have to share a meal with family, girlfriend, friends, and whoever else. And there will be mayonnaise salads, cakes, candy, fatty meats and lots of alcohol. But events in our life occur quite often, and we need to try to get drunk to pig squeal, because they have to monitor themselves and all things. But to eat at the festival — it’s like a good reason, right? And here and there. Today we will tell you how not to overeat at the next holiday, not fat and not to offend all those who did.

1. Start your meal looking over the scene

So, how many here zagotovlen, man! And want, and everything is delicious. But you have to limit yourself wisely! Start with learning the dishes on the holiday table. Eating salads with maintcom, fried fatty meat, potatoes and something else? It is better to avoid this. A lot of different booze, sad! However, what we can expect from the holiday table? Use the power of his will! And don’t forget, today is still holiday, so you can afford a little more. Slicing vegetables? Use them! So everyone will have the illusion that you are not shy to offend someone by refusing to eat. Try all the same not to tell anyone that you’re limiting yourself in food: the older generation will not appreciate, as well as not any younger. Just eat less.

2. What to do in any case impossible

Don’t tell me you limit yourself, this is what we wrote above. No need to desperately avoid junk food: hurt hostesses. No need to fully give up alcohol: hurt dad! Just know the measure. Oh yeah, never say that had a lunch to eat. It’s illogical and it’s an insult to Housewives pretty much. Just limit yourself!

3. How to limit myself

If you really want mayonnaise salad. But not more than one or two spoons. During the evening! Can be three, but it’s high, and you should be ashamed! Choose the least fatty pieces of meat: white meat, avoid the skin, it’s so delicious, I know, but avoid! Potatoes and other high carbohydrate side dish, try not to eat at all. If on the table there is one type of Greek salad, eat it with gusto, as a rule, in the presence of salads with mayonnaise ignore it all, and you and the hosts will do nicely, and your stomach. The main thing to remember is that you should not get drunk from the belly. You should eat quietly, enjoying the process, chewing slowly and with deliberation. In a slow chewing has its advantages: while you chew, other food someone will eat up.

How about alcohol? Here also has the sense to limit myself. It is advisable to alternate a toast is in order: one alcoholic drink and one glass of water. I hope you have on the table is the usual water or soda without the sweeteners? Drink it, and consider yourself a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a terribly proud of! If the table still there is water, just drink a whole glass so you’ll eat much less and the acceleration of your metabolism.

4. Learn to refuse

In fact, dad still respects you if you refuse to drink with him. But most of all will respect you mom. Of course, the father can make a nice, throw him a drink, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get rid of this true addiction. «No!» — here is a word worthy of the man. Fortunately, the era of «You respect me?» thing of the past along with the senseless drinking. And that’s good.

5. The time has come sweet

OH-OH-OH! You did not have time to push the next piece of meat, like mom and the other girls quickly clean the table, because soon it will be the expensive candy bowl with yummy candy, and a couple of cakes and other Goodies. And you have almost no space left, feel? However, like most people here. The cake, according to tradition, eats, literally pushing it in. The remains of Breakfast for a few days. It is important to remember that if you will not go, no need to push. If you really want to try, tell me what scared you want to try a piece, but you have little space, so cut small. Then calmly try. There is another way to get rid of eating sweets after a fat — just tell me you don’t have a sweet tooth. Why in the minds of some people firmly entrenched belief that men, as a rule, do not like sweets? Strange stuff, but I have already met several times.

Do not want cake? And there is a wonderful candy? Try each one, but not more than five pieces. Don’t forget slowly and sadly chew, you enjoy the taste, no?

However, no one will blame you if you just drink empty tea. By the way, if you still decided this cake or candy, don’t drink an hour with sugar: slipnetsya ass!

6. After the ball

What to do after the ball, man? You must get slapped a bunch of junk food that an adult needs is about a week! First, do not eat after the party until bedtime. Only drink water! Your body’s been through enough today, however, enough! Clean water is your best friend. Next day you can do fasting. I would say that you need! Soup, boiled chicken, lots of water and do not eat after six your best friends to date.

If you were given a piece of cake, don’t eat it as soon as I get home. Eat them! Simple carbohydrates early in the morning — the ideal time of consumption. If you were given food, slowly and surely eat her. If anything is left, throw it away, no need to be ashamed! There’s nothing wrong with that you discard food. Sorry, of course it is.

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