How not to feel poor

By.kom.ua_10.01.2014_U3EKHT9LxFLGTIn all there are periods when the mood to feel like a beggar. This is not a series of failures, not the notorious black stripe, and emotional decline. You carry around a gigantic and heavy awareness of their own misery. «I am a beggar!» — exclaim you. «That’s shit!» — continue you. How to stop this mess?

To begin with, to be friends

Scientists tireless people. They explore everything, the correlation of everything with everything and the likelihood of any shit. These people have analyzed what makes a person happy. What do you think of this? Money? Mind? Age? Paul? Race? Ha! Strong social ties!

Social support — that is, the most important prerequisite for happiness. The more you support, the happier you feel. The ability to love and be loved — that is the guarantee of happiness octogenarian people who understand something in life.

Tired of feeling like the poor? Get in touch with your friends!

Do something

The happiest people are those who are doing something, but not in a hurry. Understand that you’re tired. You want to relax. But how to relax means to do nothing? Oh, no. As my mother used to say, the best rest is change of activity, and boredom and idleness, too tired.

And then what to do? What you are good at. Thing that you do best of the things that brings you pleasure. As they say all and Sundry who he likes, he a day in his life not working.

Tired of feeling like the poor? So get off the couch! Then you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself.

Go to work, which I hate

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I received in adult life. I think I know why you feel poor, working for the hated work. Every day you torture, everything annoys you you feel incompetent — and why? Because doing what you don’t like. And you take it and don’t do.

Plan your fun

The paradox: how to plan fun, if we get them spontaneously? How is that possible?

Possible. Don’t know, have you thought about it, but there is a huge difference between how we would like to spend their free time and how we actually spend. Instead of friends for a few days to go to nature, you’re sitting on the computer — a familiar story from the summer?

For a start, think about it, what would you like to do. The next step is to distribute all these things on the calendar grid, and then not to fend off the schedule. Strange thing, but often we feel miserable simply because we are too lazy to get rid of this annoying feeling.

Meaningful is more important than nice

Understand that the pleasures are different. It’s one thing to eat a delicious ice cream and quite another to get a promotion, right? We need amenities like ice cream, but without the important and big pieces too not do.

What are these major things? Expression and actions for the sake of someone else. Sometimes things have to give, to feel the drive. The meaning of life or something. I understand that you live not just and is able to bring joy to someone. They say that even live longer.

Running a marathon is hard. To run a marathon — honorable. School was boring. To have a College degree — cool. Happiness in a particular moment is not everything.

Give different — but not too much

Nicer to give than to receive. To help others is also nice: I feel strong. Doing things for others is also fun. However, not all the time only because to give.

The dedication will sooner or later result in stress and overload. If we give up our desires in favor of someone else, Wang, you have a depression. What to do? One day in a week make someone feel good. It would be cool.

Do something for others

But waste is not more than a couple hours a week. Get some volunteering: go to the animal shelter to walk the dogs or feed the homeless, anything to do with the environmental organization. You get from life much more fun. Dogs are cool, fun to throw them a stick and watch as they bring. Even doing something for mother nature and that is good: not to litter. You’ll be proud of yourself.

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