How not to fail your next trip

I never could understand why people whine on the subject of travel. They have too heavy suitcases, the aircraft can not stand, it is nothing to do, excursions tortured — Hey, you yourself heard? You can see places that are unimaginable distance from you — is this not enough to make you happy? Me, these problems are always avoided: I do not take the extra and enjoy a compact backpack, I always have something to do and someone to talk to, and I can find something in the plane. Not to say that trip was my superpower — I just know how to ride. I can teach you.

1. Explore

Before heading to an unfamiliar place, do your own investigation. Google, but just do not have the traditional queries that the search engine will give you endless travel sites with duplicate recommendations. Templates you don’t need — you’re not spherical in vacuum, but a real special case.

Instead, Google has their own interests, refracted on the local flavor. Let’s say you’re into street art or literature — look for that you might please. Even in God-forsaken Koktebel there is a Museum of the writer Voloshin — who seeks will always find.

Of course, in any country there are places which should be seen by every tourist, but it is necessary to adapt recommendations to suit your tastes!

2. Behind the stereotypes

What else grates on the ear I, it complaints that «it’s not like we have.» Okay? I take it you went to distant lands to make sure that everything is like home. If not, then don’t complain. Adapt to the environment and appreciate that we can all get over it.

3. Act like you’re a local

The best compliment for tourists — when it does not differ from the locals. Find out how people have fun in this country, what are you doing this weekend, how to dress. Googling the written and unwritten rules of conduct and stick to the recommendations. No one will like it, if a tourist breaks with tradition and behaving ignorantly. Can learn a few phrases in a foreign language: it will come to you locals. In the end, you arrived in a foreign country, not she had to come by your house — why should she have to adapt, and not Vice versa?

4. Remember your sense of humor

Not everything will go smoothly, that’s for sure. You do not avoid small troubles and trouble, without which no cost, no trip. Let’s say you think that Prague is a dark medieval city, but it turns out that there are sex shops at every turn — all of the expectations are not met. Common, on this turn it’s better to laugh than to be sad.

5. Eat

Try the local cuisine: it’s a great way to get acquainted with the local population and the country as a whole. First, a little reading online to be ready to explain what you’d like to try first. Ask what you recommend as a waiter, and see what the locals eat.

6. Any organized

Just because you want to relax and to forget everything, you shouldn’t let it go. Plan flights, buy tickets in advance, tugnuy hostel, think route. Bring several copies of tickets and passports just in case.

7. Any intelligent

Many Russians make the same unfortunate mistake: when they are in Europe, they think that it is now protected from all sides and they do not face any problems and difficulties. Actually it is not so. Problems happen always and everywhere — have to prepare, especially when you go to any not in Europe.

8. Say

From my own experience, I can say that the travelers all are usedona larger sympathy. These guys with backpacks, usually young, eager for new experiences and love to chat. They have little money and they are close to the people. Do not disappoint the locals and justify these expectations! Talk to the bartenders and waiters, market vendors and other tourists. Their advice and stories will make your journey even better.

9. Pack your bags wisely

People who carry a twenty-kilogram bags, phenomenal! Do they really think I’ll be wearing it all over the next two weeks? Can’t you reduce their inflated needs? All the Luggage fit in the backpack that I take with me into the cabin. Don’t think you have to flaunt toilets — the main thing that the clothes were clean and weather. By the way, you can wash — it’s much nicer than losing your Luggage or carry it for you when the energy can be directed in a constructive and interesting way.

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