How not to embarrass myself at the concert

When you look at yourself in the past, sample of, say, five years ago, has become ashamed of his behavior. When I think of how I behaved at concerts in 18 years, my still not bearded cheeks fills the flush of shame. In fact, I am ashamed of how I was an idiot and how to prevent others to enjoy the music. Maybe in another five years I’ll look back at yourself and think «five years ago I was a complete idiot» — who knows? One thing I do know: none of the following errors, I have definitely not let that happen, which I sincerely wish you, man.

1. Don’t come drunk

So do students who do not earn a living. They beg for money from my parents for a ticket, and the fact that they give pocket money, two weeks of not spending to buy poltorashku cheap cocktails and a good drink right before the concert. Came, I do not remember anything, and besides, already drunk.

Want to drink — drink already inside. Do not want — even better: to adequately assess the sound, the repertoire and skill of the musicians. Anyway, to count any event that is beyond the usual everyday work, a reason to get drunk — sorry.

2. Buy tickets in advance

There’s nothing worse than the cold to do the dance for the club, tapping his feet against each other and expect that someone will sell an extra ticket. Even if tickets still remain at the box office, still you won’t be hurt to buy them in the crush, the crush, the kilometer-long queues, and even with the extra charges. To go to a concert in hesitation, will get you there — a small pleasure.

Have to buy a ticket in advance. First, in most cases it is cheaper. Secondly, you just go inside and hear the same music. Third, the ticket pocket gives you a sense of calm and certainty, and that, as they say in the beloved is priceless.

3. Don’t shout

All these «ooh» and «Ah» is for 16-year-old girls. I understand that at the concert everyone is happy and excited, looking forward to a long-awaited miracle. To shout would be the right moment: when the singer says: «hi, Kryzhopol!», talks about the tour and represents the members of the group. Here God himself commanded to yell. But really any little thing is worth it to you busted my lungs and my eardrums?

For example, if the singer asks: «anybody in this room still likes to eat?», that’s no reason for you to yell in my ear. To eat is great, I love it, but you did not win the lottery.

4. Don’t pretend that you’re Lumiere

We all know what is the concert with songs from the latest album old songs, improvised the loser (if you’re lucky) and the slow jams that people do not sleep from excitement and tension. At this time, all relaxed, translate breath, glancing around and stocking up for the next all the familiar track. The older I get the more I appreciate these moments.

What do the dudes, where painful to watch? They dance. Always. In any unclear situation and always the same. Up-tempo music plays they dance. Slow music playing — they dance the same way. I even think that they are dancing, even when the bus turn the radio on. Even when playing a funeral March. Even when the bride and groom go to register the marriage. And this man always performs the same awkward movements, like she doesn’t know our recommendations.

Don’t do that. You don’t have to dance. If you stopped for a moment, it does not mean that you’re not having fun. By you look very silly, famously igniting under irregular jam. Quietly, man. It’s all good.

5. Don’t pretend to know all the words

It’s what we do, and recognition is the first step on the road to rehabilitation. Even if you sincerely believe that you know the text, it is not always so. Those who know their sins, there are lots of options to embarrass yourself. For example, you pretend to sing along in the chorus, and I think that the song is already over, raise my hands to clap — and then again begin to sing. Ashamed? Still, especially if that someone noticed.

And it was so easy to avoid. It was enough to just sing only in places that you know. And more fun, and your mouth moves naturally, and people aren’t staring at you.

No shame at concerts. Follow our tips and no one will blame you.

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