How not to do business

Sometimes you should know about the negative experience of specific people who tried to open a business than to read many «success stories». That’s why we compiled this list. All for you, because sooner or later begin to think that you’re ready to stop working for his uncle. But working for yourself is still one hell of a fight, which requires not only courage, but also serious preparation.

Why is every other entrepreneur, which opened last year, now sits in debts, loans, and already provides your dog? Perhaps, it is in crisis, damn unprofitable economic situation in the country, instability and appalling bureaucracy. If in Melbourne you can open a business, spending on the execution of all necessary documents a couple of hours, then Russia will have to burn a couple of hundred thousand nerve cells only in order to make everything right. And then still find that you did it all wrong. And it’s the lesser of two evils, full and other problems in the life of a Russian businessman. Sometimes it seems that it is the most unprotected class in the country.

However, if to speak frankly, and the businessman himself to blame for their failures. And there are a number mistakes all entrepreneurs-peers. If you want to ditch his job and go back to distillery, then stick to the following rules, dude.

1. Don’t know anything about what you’re doing

Why? Deposits the required amount into the project and expect reciprocity. Believe that this strategy will be very successful. But seriously, even investors pore over companies that they Fund. We often say that one must study the case is that I want to do, and then they do. It is really seriously minimizes the risks, especially at the production level. But we should not waste too much time. It is quite enough half a year of active implementation in the object to begin it more or less well understood. We should not deceive ourselves that one guy has all happened by itself. It happens, but this is the exception to the rule. The statistical error in the business world.

2. You can handle one

Actually no. If you are with mistrust to concern even his own grandmother, it is better not to start a business. To be an entrepreneur-a loner – it’s like that to go to Jurassic Park, completely naked and with a wooden spoon as a means of self-defense. We therefore recommend that when you start to have companions who understand you and your intention. The main thing – to choose not destructive personalities (and are always light on foot), and normal dudes. Together is always easier to fill up the Triceratops, right? But the beginning must be confident, as the procession of Shiva-the destroyer. In General, do not overestimate your power, even if you are absolutely sure about them.

3. Startup time doesn’t matter

There are two types of unsuccessful businessmen. The first of them to start your project at the first opportunity, the second run it when everything is already do not care about their product. The fact is that every business has the perfect time to start. Let’s have a Moscow office, which produces t-shirts with okolopatrioticheskoy prints. Putin, «Iskander», «grad» and other pleasures of life. Like in every market there are a couple dozen of these t-shirts, but the firm turned out since they started production at the right time: the annexation of Crimea. Newsworthy – in fact, a good opportunity to understand when to open and when not to. Also, the calculation can go on holiday, time of year etc. for example, a good option to open a beer shop will be autumn, in fact it is famous for its beer festivals.

4. I have a cool product, it will buy everything!

You can be a genius in the eyes of his girlfriend, but people are different, dude. And even the coolest thing will not sell itself. There are people that your goods will be synonymous with «disgusting». Therefore, it is necessary to understand for whom you work. Define their audience. Their clients need to know in person even before the moment when the door of the shop there is a sign «opening Soon». This rule is vital for any business.

5. More employees, more employees, a thousand times more!

You with one open bar. So you need to hire a bartender, right? Maybe two, because there are some changes and all that. Then the cleaning lady, the cook, the engineer, separate marketing, separate art Director, then another lawyer and the guy who guards all Together… you already forked out a tidy sum, and the bar now brings some losses. Seriously, if you and your partner don’t want to burn your finances, no many people can do, especially at first. Behind the bar you can own to stand up, and with the mixer can handle even down the baby after three or four hours of practice. In General, for any young business of the gang, the main question is: «How to attract new clients?» Invest in those people who will be able to answer you on this question. Others take take yourself or your partner.

6. Compromises! What could be better?

Especially compromises with the business partner. We frequently witnessed history, when two friends opened the case, and after they beat each other person from any business problems. And indeed, a fair number of interesting initiatives come to nothing precisely because of such differences. And all of this could have been avoided. It was necessary in the beginning to take a leading position, to identify a clear line of their views to the development of that and how to do it. Otherwise avoid disappointment.

7. Don’t think about the time it fully

We at the usual time overestimate their ability to keep track of the course hours. Constantly late for work, film screenings, games. Even when set up alarms, and the fact is, late. Japanese companies came up with a draconian measure: late for a minute – pay is not paid. And now imagine that you have an unfinished product, and you need to announce the date of its release. Young entrepreneurs very lightly to the announcement, they calculate, following the mathematical logic of a middle schooler. But the business incorporates many non-standard, sometimes catastrophic for the timing of the events. Time is not your ally, and will always be missed.

8. Customers like shit. What they do know?

Not all young entrepreneurs are able to perceive criticism. But in vain, could live a year longer. Customers can always specify on your weaknesses and patching them or not is your business.

9. The market is so easy

The first major task of any entrepreneur is to determine what product, what service will exactly popular at a particular time in a particular place. In the course from the study of statistics, new trends, global or Russian. And now you suddenly decide to open a shop Kraft beer in a residential area of the city. Like the third year in the «Internet» on the fashion pages so sites are writing about «craftool revolution». Varieties bunch, the beer is delicious,» you think you are. However, the young businessman does not take into account the fact that none of the inhabitants of the chosen area does not need beer for 200 rubles per bottle when you can buy 4 liters «Vienna» for the same money.

One friend of the advertiser told us interesting life hack for entrepreneur, which he pried out of their foreign colleagues. And we will focus on the trash. Exactly! They entrepreneurs small manner, looking to throw in the trash cans, and then quietly be a pretty honest picture of trade in the area, because the usual statistics can have a significant error, and the trash cans don’t lie. However, maybe over the advertiser just fucking around.

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