How not to die from stress

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2014_PTkeOFqfpJjiMNervous all. If someone is not nervous, he is most likely a psychopath, or a cyborg, or conceals his stress. So to start, stop nervous because of the fact that you’re a man and not be nervous.

Once we found out that the issue of a total stress reliever can be safely discarded, we’ll talk about how to manage stress and cope with it.


Talk to someone who can understand you and is in a similar situation. For example, if you and your colleagues do not have time to complete the project in time, will be very useful for the entire team, if you discuss how you are nervous (read: come to the Smoking-room and ensconced obmateril the bosses and the stupid customers), and will not pluck their anger in a silent way, swearing because of the computers.

Equally useful would be just to meet a friend after work and in the faces and colors to tell him how you all get on your nerves.

In General, let it all out. Feel better.


Take a sheet of paper and describe what makes you nervous. Helps if for some reason the conversation with colleagues or other impossible. First, fixing their thoughts on paper, you might be able to come to some decision problem, and secondly, a piece of paper is always possible to break, to burn and ashes to eat. This symbolic gesture will allow you to throw out the accumulated negative in a safe for you and society form.


Take a bath. A cool shower in the summer and pleasant in winter, a hot bath will relax your body and soul. Try not to think during water treatment. You will see that after a shower you will feel fresh and updated.


Go for a walk. Hiking in the fresh air produces a therapeutic effect regardless of the severity of the problem. As with bathrooms, you need to try anything not to think. «Let go» head – listen to the rustle of the wind in the trees, feel the rhythm of your step. Watch birds or ants. Completely disconnected from the problem for a while, you’ll be able to return to her, to look at it entirely from a different angle.


Listen to your favorite music. Music really can heal and restore vitality. Psychologists believe that it is better to choose something soft and lyrical, but if you’re a fan of doom metal or you think that there is nothing better than «Flight of the Valkyries» by Wagner, then so be it. Importantly, what effect this or that music is having it on you.


Read an interesting book or go to a movie. For a few hours you can be in a distant and beautiful world in which there has never been your stress.


Eat. So, many people experience stressful situations associated with overeating. Psychologists believe that food intake is really conducive to relaxation. So the main thing is to choose the «right» food to avoid health effects. Crunches a carrot – take off the stress.


Talk to your cat or play with the dog. Communication with animals has long been known to the world as one of the most effective methods of treatment of various diseases. Will help our smaller brothers and you.


Begin to solve the problem. All the methods described above, the relaxation aims to help your brain to «overheat» and give you a little rest. However, relaxation by itself may not solve your problem. Rested and relaxed, feel free to take a look stress in the face and kill this asshole!

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