How not to depend on public opinion and be different?



Dear editors, please tell me what I should do. I’m 18 years old, I think it’s time to be who you are, and do what you want. Live by your own rules and build your own world. I want to be different, not like others. Different from men in everything: appearance, Outlook on life, actions, etc.. But I’m afraid to not want that I was picked on, saying he is not of this world, crazy and narrow-minded. I depend on public opinion, so how do I get rid of this problem?

First of all, read our article If you want: about the importance not to listen to anyone, then come back here and get an answer to your question.

Many of us your age, one before and one later, and maybe whole life trying and trying to be like everyone. Yes, we tried to dress like everyone else, spending a lot of time looking for t-shirts with unique prenom, or sneakers, which you’ll see on the feet of her classmate. In General, we naively believed that it differed from the masses. But the garbage that would print what was on your shirt, it still remains t-shirt, and t-shirts worn by all. Sneakers, even if they are in a single copy, still sneakers. Those who understood it, just buy the thing that they like and do not care that some other dude is exactly the same. Another thing is to determine what you like and wear and not because it is fashionable. Sometimes fashion trends are so terrible that I think the designers argue among themselves, whose ridiculous designer crap come into fashion. You know something like, «I Bet bunt the knee of my new collection will be in fashion» and another one «Ugh, no, dude, it’s unattractive, no one will wear something that distorts it», and then look outside and see something like this…


Or here still as happens: «What,you do not have Vkontakte? You’re not on Facebook? What’s not in the topic? How so? And I uploaded her new images in there…». Well, and you’re like, damn, that must sucks that I’m behind all, but still the friend that you like eyes widened when I found out that you’re not in the social sphere, and you create profiles in social networks and begin to like, tweet, etc. on the one hand, there is nothing wrong to have a profile in social networks, on the other hand you lived in peace and could live without them now. But, you have imposed.

What? You have the phone 5 years ago? And where did you get this dinosaur? And you’re like, «Damn, I gotta get a new…» And not just any, you know, bigger, fancier, more expensive, etc. to keep up.


Many of us are afraid to «not be in the subject.» We unwittingly obey public opinion, because it is society, man, we live in it.

In General, do what you want, not bending the stick. It is not necessary to go outside naked, because everyone wears clothes, and you don’t want to be like everyone else. Do not advertise your dissimilarity. Be not like everything is not in order to show off this, but just because you don’t agree with the majority opinion. For example you chose not to eat nothing but oak bark, it is not necessary to tell everyone and show. No need to declare to the world that you’re different, you are different. Just try to be myself and keep all your opinion and my opinion, not because the majority believes. Try to keep your «not like everyone» does not harm you and the people. Unless of course you’re not afraid you’ll turn away your friends and even relatives, can become a black sheep and fend off black. If you’re in a rush, then go for it.

In any case, have an opinion, but not to bring it to anyone, not indicate that the whole herd, and you individuality. As said Rust cohle («True detective:): «We are creatures, consumed by the illusion of individuality».

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