How not to buy bad things, perhaps you had a situation where you bought clothes, and then suddenly realized that you don’t need it. You put the thing in the store, look at myself in the mirror and everything seems to be fine. You tell the seller that they take it, although it hangs a bag, buy a home and knocked. Later, when you come home, you begin to notice all those details that were not seen before.

Something about these clothes don’t fit, but the tag has long been removed, the return period has passed, no check, and return this shit to the store as possible.

You must recognize that just did a shitty, unnecessary purchase. Time ago will not return the money too.

But what you need to this doesn’t happen again?

Why do you make shitty choices?

This is because you are often in a hurry at the time of purchase. You don’t have the amount of time which is necessary for adequate assessment of all that you’ve gained. When we buy a car or a TV, they usually check every little thing before making a purchase. But when we are in a clothing store, we don’t spend at least some time to see how it looks like from the outside. We are limited to a quick glance, and if you do not see the obvious defects, then immediately taken to pay for the goods.

Why is this happening? Maybe because we don’t want to look like «that guy»?

You know the stereotypical guy who’s obsessed with how he looks. He is constantly looking in the mirror, fixes her hair, checks teeth and clean clothes.

He may even wink at his reflection and tell him that he looks very sexy.

You just don’t want you to compare with this guy. No-one wants. Although we understand the personal and social importance of their appearance, we still won’t dwell on this.

But there are times when you have to look at ourselves in the mirror and this time send to the store. You don’t want then to regret not throwing money to the wind or take unnecessary thing.

So you need to quickly check?

Only 5 questions you need to ask yourself, and then shit you can’t buy, man.


1. It really looks good on me?

When choosing a garment, you have to evaluate things themselves, but how they look on you.

What may look great on a mannequin or the rack, but this does not mean that the same will happen in your case. Clothing may not be suitable for the type of figure and skin tone.

Take the time to understand how this or that element on you, not separately.

2. Is it for me?

Yes, the question is very similar to the previous one, but you should pay special attention, because too many men are looking to him properly. And that’s not cool. To properly judge whether you one or the other item of clothing, it is important to imagine how it will look in specific situations.

If you choose a shirt you plan to wear at work, dress and button all the buttons, to fill. There is a balloon around the waist? Not she squeezes your neck? Usually such questions are not asked, if you buy the thing for everyday wear. You have to take into account shrinkage. Not the fact that after the first wash the shirt will sit in exactly the same way as in the fitting shop. Learn how to sit shirt.

Spend time on it, and then make the right choice.

3. Will my purchase be in harmony with the rest of the wardrobe?

A common mistake many dudes is that they do not take into account your wardrobe when buying new things.You have to understand that when you buy something new, it must meet at least several items in your closet. So, buying things, don’t forget to mention that you already have.

Of course, it would be better if you consider your wardrobe before you walk out that door. Think about what you really need. Imagine the most specific way, which is combined with what is in the wardrobe, do not forget the color and structure of the material. Then choose appropriate items of clothing that meet your image and understand what you need to them.

We need to look at clothing in General. What good in your new shoes if the old pants are too long for them? What good is a sweater with a V-neck if it is too tight to put on his shirt?

4. Will I be able to wear this 5 years?

This question will help you decide whether it’s worth buying this item of clothing, or do you want to buy it just because it is fashionable or now it’s on clearance. There is nothing wrong with trends. But, dude, you should only invest in what you like, not what others wear. Your task is your own style.

If you wear these jeans just because they are fashionable, when they go out of fashion, and this will happen very often, to wear you won’t. Clothing that is timeless and goes beyond a season – best investment. In addition, we should not be too hasty when you find yourself almost right thing. Sometimes when something is on sale, and you want something similar, you spend money on analogue, not that you really need. The same rules should govern during discounts, mass sale. Often such events stand opposed to our eyes, and in the end we go with nothing or crap.

5. It is made from natural fabrics?

You should see what material is made clothes. Synthetic can be cheaper, but frankly, she sucks. I learned this the hard way when I was in the club polyester shirt, and my sweat glands started to work overtime. Remember: sweat stains never look good.

Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe. They are light and soft, and they don’t have that artificial Shine that is typical of synthetics. It is much better to spend money on natural materials, even if they are more expensive. Trust me, it will definitely pay off.

Ask this question next time when you go to the store. If you answer «Yes!» to all 5, then you’ll know exactly what the case is in your hands worth to buy.

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