How not to blunt too quickly

We all tupe with rapid speed. If scientists created the engines that work on human stupidity, then today everyone would be able to afford to go to Mars — the fuel is full, you should just look to the right, left or in the mirror. But we don’t want you to be dumb ahead of time. So let’s look at your life from the perspective of a person who wants to stay smart for the rest of their days.

1 Saturated fats reduce cognitive flexibility


Foods high in sugar and fat cause significant damage to the development of cognitive flexibility — the ability that helps us to adapt to changing situations. Research on this topic conducted on lab rats. They were given normal food and food high in fat and sugar. After four weeks of testing revealed that the rats that ate the sugar and fat have become dumbed down and ill pass the IQ tests. So less need it, donuts to eat.

2 From the devices multi-tasking shrinks the brain

We use laptops, phones and other media devices that destroy the need for some important structures of the brain. This is indicated by the neuroscientists found that people who use multiple devices that contain in their heads the grey matter of lower density. And in the area of the brain associated with cognition and emotional control.

Detrimental multitasking might look like this: you’re listening to the new album of Green Day (which is says about your intelligence) and simultaneously playing «Tanks», and also trying to watch the transfer of «let’s get married» at the time of the telephone conversation with mom. If you do, you don’t expect to receive the Nobel prize in physics. 3 Google, Google, Google Search in the Internet makes people feel like they know more than they actually are. Matthew Fisher, the author of research on the subject, said: «the Internet is such a powerful environment where you can enter any question and to access possible correct answer to world knowledge. Therefore, it becomes easier to confuse their knowledge with external knowledge source. People begin to interfere with one another. When people are alone, they realize how much they depend on the Internet.» Simply put, if you are able to quickly find information in Google, it doesn’t mean you’re smart.

4 Too much sugar in the blood


Even healthy people with high blood sugar levels, have problems with memory. You can read about the research of Dr. Agnes Floel on the topic of neurology: «… even if a person’s sugar is within normal limits, lowering its level, it is possible to achieve further prevention of problems with memory or impaired cognitive function that will be called old age.» And again we tell you that sweet is better to limit myself.

5 Experts know less than they think

The more people think they are «in the know», the less likely that their knowledge will be supported by the facts. This paradox was explained by the psychologist Becoming Atir, who published their study in the journal Psychological Science. Speaking about his experiment, he said: «the more people believed that a knows about Finance in General, the greater the likelihood of a complete lack of understanding of financial processes, starting from banks and finishing with understanding the financial shenanigans. The exact same pattern appeared in other fields: biology, literature, philosophy, and geography.» 6 Poor sleep — bad brain Loss from poor sleep are much more serious than society used to think. All these stories about what «geniuses sleep for three hours», not actually find any evidence. People are just trying to explain the genius of labor and intelligence, and lack of sleep — some abnormality that makes genius the result of random events, not purposeful work.

Studies say something quite different — short-term and long-term memory becomes worse, if you’re not sleeping. Attention and ability to plan are also suffering from lack of sleep. And not only that. Adapting to good habits is reduced to nothing. Even the ability to recognize emotions on the face is damaged, when you sleep less than necessary.

7 Physical exhaustion Physical stress always interacts with the mental, causing exhaustion on all fronts. The matter in the prefrontal cortex — this area is used for planning and management of physical and mental activity. When you’re tired physically, you automatically get tired and mental. Perhaps that is why among foresters and miners are not so many eminent mathematicians.

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