How not to become a snob in the world of snobbery

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_M2Ijpn3QAeRn6And again we return to the theme of the eternal conflict between bad taste and good taste. The topic is relevant, because it seems that every month eye ubiquitous edition faces numerous examples of snobbery our beautiful fellow citizens. And we are not without sin themselves prone to this sin, because it’s good to feel smarter and more important with the help of read books, listened to albums and watched movies. But, a hangover sooner or later passes and there comes the awareness of his own wrong, it’s frustrating to look in the mirror and see snob, because the only thing worse is a fascist and drug addict together.Snobbery coming to you quickly, in small steps, which you seemingly don’t even notice on your wide way of life. If you are a man reading, you probably quickly outgrow the tabloid prose, are inclined to a specific genre (e.g., literature Noir), or the intellectual, and even up to the classic fiction. The problem is that literature, like any other product of creative intellectual activity does not give an impartial analysis.

If you read criticism, specifically his opinion, and not something that we need to accept the truth. There are many writers who shone brighter than a supernova in his time, and now do not give even light a match, because forgotten. Much of what today is considered intelligent literature, previously considered to be vulgar fiction. The evaluation of the work in his «intelligence» changes from era to era. Take, for example, the novel «Gargantua and Pantagruel» by French writer Francois Rabelais. His assessment has undergone many transformations. First, the book was accepted cheerfully and with laughter, as if the text was an amusingly written tale where there is a place of vulgarity and licentiousness, and satire. The book subsequently fell out of favour because it denigrated the Christian way of life and their free-thinking passages. Many French writers have treated it as a cheap port girl, but in the end, «Gargantua and Pantagruel» is a true classic, and with so many high meanings that any postmodernist will start to feel envy. If you want to read, we suggest that you find is not the Soviet translation, because it is actually prepared for children’s reading — a lot cut out. Thus, the aura of intellectuality of a novel can be destroyed in one moment, in one second. So why bother to share then books on «smart» and «stupid»?Maybe the truth is that familiarity with any creation implies a personal experience of reading, watching, listening, but not common. For this reason, we, being aware of your outrage, we always stand on the fact that you’ve determined your preferences and understand that they are solely yours, and not a role model and certainly not shrouded in an aura of elitism. To be an intellectual you can’t just look harsh European art-house, not even enough to understand it. Intellectual aware of why you need a particular product, and the snob just uses it in the hope that this action will make it special.

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2016_WlczWcr1RBddBHowever it would be foolish to assume that the snobbery revolves around the tastes. Let the rejection of «low genre,» always allocates these reptiles. But not only this aspect is striking. Take, for example, the use of professional, niche terminology in cases where it is absolutely necessary. Reasonable people find it annoying, and ignorant — is disconcerting. The terminology is generally a thing very specific. Normal people use it only in specific, practically-defined cases. Snobs uses it only then to impress his listeners alleged «great knowledge» in a particular subject. However, all this knowledge is like a beautiful vessel with nothing in it — they create the illusion that is destroyed by a light gust of wind. Try not to throw dust in the eyes.

Not to be a snob is to reject the image in favor of fact. The image is an important feature of a person that suffers from snobbery and it is, again that of a snob nicer to feel and not to be. It’s funny that people are completely different manifest it. Some limited clothing and all sorts of Goodies that are available for the money. Some add to clothing, «intellectual leisure», like going to the underground clubs, poetry readings and exhibitions of artists. And all would be good, but it’s not fun cause all these activities, but a carefully planned image that presents snob over the other. However, this rise follows the rules of a psychopath — only in their own heads.What you need to do to bypass all this crap? Be honest to yourself and your tastes. If you don’t like boring, in the opinion of the people, Dostoevsky, then why read it? Why bother to grind through your poor brain with information that you don’t like? Develop your taste, try to unleash your sensual potential and maybe you will be able to enjoy any work of art, even «bad». And always remember that there is no bad literature, bad music, bad clothing style or bad cinema is what important at this moment. You can, of course, be guided by the tastes of the General public or the opinion of recognized critics, or even to take on trust the views of their peers or the society in which lives your soul, but it is best to rely only on themselves. And be careful not to seem too primitive or obscure. You don’t need to prove anything. All you need is to get pleasure from things that brings you peace.

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