How not to become a dweeb

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2015_YwU9OfSGg2a18It is no secret that every day you kill your eyesight. The clock sticking out of the monitor, not only at work but at home. You, dude, even the rest of the computer. But if to imagine that our favorite the sun also affects the eyes not the most pleasant way, so all the horror. We, of course, would you recommend traditional medicine, grass and pills, which will immediately make you a sniper. But leave it to the radio stations. In General, catch some practical advice that will help you to delay the purchase of glasses for vision correction. And if you’re already a dweeb, then read this list with easy share of sadness.

1. Exercises

Yes, the eyes also need to train in some sense. Here does not run, and exercise not so much, but they should perform if you want to give rest to your eyes.

Relax them

This should be done periodically throughout the day, at work, at school, during leisure time. Just close your eyes and put them on the palm of your hand. Light should not penetrate. Try to relieve tension, think about something soothing: the sea, the forest, some pleasant memory from the past. This will help you not to be so tense and will reduce eye strain. In General, it would be cool to enroll in addition, a neck massage, now people have too tight muscles, even when they are at rest. You can also apply compresses, pre-moistened with cold and warm water.

Maintain humidity

If your eyes are dry, it starts the hell: redness, itching, pain. So the devil can cause infection and other nasty things. Usually a person copes with this problem when just blinks. But if this does not work, you will have to buy drops that should always be with you for a while.

Exercise 20

A simple exercise. Only need to focus your eyes on any object for 20 seconds. Frequency – every 20 minutes, and the object must be located within a distance of two to three meters. If to simplify, just keep your eye on the screen during operation.

Take a pen

Take a pen in hand and push it away from your face for 15-20 inches. Look at her, and then look at what is behind it. Do this at least 10 times a day, when I have time. Eyes get their share of positive load and it’s not bad.

2. Furnished

Here is quite simple

First, the monitor does not have to reflect on the things that you have placed on the table. Therefore, it is uncomfortable to work near the window when it shines the sun. Buy curtains or something, but the display on the monitor should not be.

Reduce the brightness of your monitor

We understand that all companies that produce monitors or tablets, with one voice declare that their screens are safe to view. Now, that’s not entirely true. Although, of course, there are monitors that are much less harmful to the eyes, but absolute safety does not happen ever.


In regions where the sun fries you every day is a must. If you are good, that people do not have to squint when walking down the street. If you do not get to go with your eyes open, you have to buy good glasses, you will thank me when the time comes to retire.

3. Food


This is such a hydrocarbon, which colors the vegetables and fruits in orange. In my childhood often said that if you eat carrots, you’ll be fine vision. Now scientists are not so sure, however, a number of studies confirm that eating foods rich in beta-carotene, can slow the process of age-related degeneration of the macula (part of retina responsible for Central vision) and cataract (lens opacity). Therefore, such products should not be neglected.


There are people who claim that vitamins in capsules is «wrong» vitamins and wholesome only contained in fruits and berries, but it’s best not to rely on the case and buy yourself a few packs of vitamins and amino acids. Taurine (the one that adds energy), in particular, helps to preserve the fabric of the eye.

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