How not to be a dick on the Internet

The longer we sit in social networks, the more we hate them. Even sane people are scum when it comes to online communication with strangers. Unfortunately, the Internet culture does not imply a respectful conversation. If you drive a wedge into the argument, it will never come out of it a winner — just depress you. However, if you want to make the virtual communication better, then he needs to adhere to certain rules of conduct. Nothing complicated — just don’t be a dick.

«Where is the evidence?!» (PROFAMILIA)

Imagine that the person with whom you communicate, don’t have anything to prove. Moreover, if he doesn’t send you proof, it’s absolutely nothing about him says. He becomes a pathological liar, he just wants to talk on an interesting topic, and not to sit in the interrogation. When you’re in a simple conversation down to the point of demanding «evidence», produce an unpleasant impression. In fact, you’re ruining his zeal to omit the source of all communication.

Moreover, no evidence are you waiting for? And wait for them at all? If you provide comprehensive information, we are sure you will just say that it is wrong and there is another, more «correct». So drop all this stuff about proof and just try to enjoy fellowship. Don’t trust the other party? You have Google — you can check the information and provide counterarguments, as do adults.

With you someone does not agree? «He was hit»

A disgusting habit, but it’s there every second sofa warrior online. If your statements have your interlocutors are constantly «bombed», then there are two options: 1) you’re an autist who doesn’t know how to communicate with people; 2) you are wrong to interpret the reaction of the interlocutor. If the first can’t be helped, will only help the treatment, then the second you can help yourself. You only need to try. For example, it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions. This is normal, when in a fit of verbal battles someone starts to add their emotions in words makes our language alive.

Someone merged from the dispute? «Again, they held up!»

Yes, this word is used in this case. But it’s not that the person was weak on nerves and couldn’t stand your iron arguments. Most likely, he just happened to be smarter than you and thought nothing to argue with a fool. But you, of course, do not think so, so «bombed». Even if this is true, then you need to understand one simple thing.

On the Internet people first talk for the pleasure of communication, exchange of information and sracha.If you like online communication only the latter, then it’s your problem, not the people who decide just find an adequate interlocutor.

Go to the person

In General, virtual communication is very similar to the usual in that it also become personal. But in reality strangers is no way to look into the personal life of the interlocutor, and on the Internet it can be done — simply go to the personal page of the opponent. And here already there are phrases like: «the subscriber is Antimaydana — everything is clear with you». It is not necessary to demonstrate its limitations, evaluating the interlocutor for the communities to which he signed. If you see that you are dealing with an inadequate person, then stop to chat. But if your point is completely refuted, there is no need to humiliate your dignity by attacking the other person — you don’t know his life, how he used your IP will calculate and make a fork to clean the toilet.

Dispute for the sake of argument

But the biggest error in virtual communication is born at the beginning. That moment when you forget why you started the conversation and begin to argue just to argue. The process for the process, which will not lead to a constructive result. So before you write a word of indignation under someone’s post, think about what you want to do and why. Do you want to join the discussion? What will be the result? If the result is killed the mood or the elapsed time, it is better to write nothing. But if you get pleasure from debates, why not to try?

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