How nice to be alone for the New year!

manygoodtips.com_4.12.2013_WIo8Bs19RaWAyIn the next month for all absorb Christmas theme. The closer the holiday, the more conversations — though perhaps the opposite: until the middle of December the people will tire expectations and will cease to rejoice. And deservedly so.

So, the New year is a wonderful holiday. I like the new year. Champagne is tasty, tangerines are even better. The smell of the tree is also very nice, of course, if she’s alive. If artificial, this too has its advantages: when she dressed up, she’s not prickly, not scatters itself around the needle, and calmly standing in his place. Gifts — it is also nice to choose them, pack them, and then deploy directly under the tree. New year is cool.

Couples especially love the New year. They believe it is rightfully their holiday: «family». Couples rush to the shops, discussing the menu, chirping and making plans. They think that it is a time designed especially for them. I’ve been in a relationship, but nevertheless keep bright the memory of those Christmas holidays that celebrated himself. No offense my friend, but it seems to me, a lonely New year is amazing.

Crazy Dating

December is the best month for new relationships. In the air a subtle aroma of Armageddon, everyone is trying to do as much as possible until the end of the old year. The lovers are as obsessed worn out, trying to fill some unknown space like no one is going to Wake up on the morning of 1 January. Try to go to a club on a Saturday night in December — and you will feel the skin, as people crave attention to each other. They hug and dance like crazy to have time to enjoy, suddenly in the new year will not work.

In December, all the dates interesting and magical, as if each of them first. I remember my friend, when have not lived together, went out in the snow, met near the tree in different areas and it was weird, though that’s because of the angle will leave the reindeer and take us into a fairy tale. Of course, no team came, we just walked to the coffee shop, or the pub, or the movies, but the feeling is just awesome. If you’re single and looking for romantic adventure — the best time for you to find.

You don’t have to celebrate the holiday with her friends

Would be okay with mine, they are all simple guys and girlfriends completely extraordinary personality. Then you have the vegan, the sublime lady who knows how to make jewelry, looking at that, would not believe that they are made by human hands at home, the hyperactive and verbose hiperrealista poliglotka — they make me hard. Holidays with her friends always disappoint me. When you’re in a relationship, you have no choice — you can’t celebrate the New year separately (you can alternate every year to celebrate it with her friends, you with yours — but still the company of her friends will be waiting at least one day of the Christmas holidays). So, her friends are cute, but they’re not my friends, and I want to be in his company, to relax.

When you’re on your own, you’re hanging out with your friends who are also by themselves. Around the spirit of society, and even if something goes wrong, you’re still next to each other. You will survive this night, shoulder to shoulder.

You can buy yourself a gift

I don’t deal with since ceased to be one. The money that I spend on a gift for a friend (I do not mind! I love her), I was able to spend on a gift for his beloved. What I’d like? New reader? To order the coolest merch from your favorite band, which was always a pity money? Watch because I haven’t had hours? Can afford! It’s the New year! I deserve it! It was a nice time.

To finish gluing those who do not dokler

Christmas holidays last obscenely long, so I have time to finish what I did not. Certainly you have in the notebook are a couple of numbers of friends who treat you with undisguised sympathy, but you just didn’t manage to bring with them to the end. Then there are the long weekend!


At least half of January is a time when society tolerates frequent use of alcohol. In the first half of the January there’s always something to celebrate, there’s always a reason to gather, drink and to do something. This is the only time of the year when in the ass on the right played in childhood. Every day we continuously feel guilty — and January allows us a little escape from this endless guilt. If you have a friend, she will stop you and crush, and unfortunately, no Buhara do not Shine.

Say what you otherwise never would have said

It so happened that the New year is the time when people begin a new life. It was at this festival you can walk up to a girl, dreamed about all last year, and to tell her that, otherwise when you do? People ask each other for forgiveness and say what wanted to say. Needless to say that the relationship is still very different? You don’t need a special occasion to tell each other something important.

In short, if you’re worried that the New year is a family holiday, and you’re still without a pair, then immediately stop. You’ll still get pleasure, I guarantee it.

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