How much water should you drink

Many guys care about this issue. Me too worried about it since the last time I saw little more than dofiga different data for this reason. Some said that it depends on body mass, someone said that age, but really it depends on body weight and how intensely you do. Today I have compiled the latest data on the subject and added a little from my experience. If you ever heard of the infamous 6-8 glasses of water a day, know that this is very small for healthy and active workout.

You need to drink both during training and after. If your workout is one solid cardio, to drink during cardio is not recommended, but after the breath, and to swallow. The amount of water depends on how actively you train.

Pre-workout drink it is necessary. For two to three hours before exercise you should drink at least a pint of water. 20-30 minutes before exercise drink 200 ml of water. 200-300 ml of water should drink every 10-20 minutes weight training. After any kind of workout drink 200-300 ml of water.

It is important to drink before the thirst. Thirst is a signal that your body is already on its way to dehydration. It is important not to wait for the first sign of thirst, and drink so often that this feeling does not arise at all. One way to check your hydration level is to assess the color of their urine. She should be generous and pale yellow, if you do not take any drugs and supplements that will color the color of urine for several hours after consumption. Do not think that salt can restore sports drinks, not all of them work well on that topic. If exercise lasts more than 45 minutes and goes to high loads (which often happens with professional athletes), to drink the electrolytes you need. But, I have to say, the regular training is not intense, even considering the fact that you’re exhausted as hell. Indicator that you’re losing a lot of salt, there are white marks on workout clothes, and in particularly severe cases — salt crystals. 100-200 mg of baking soda to 200 ml of the drink — here’s the salt content in the electrolytic beverages that you can afford, if you train for wear. But, as I said, it happens not so often. If you don’t like sports drinks, is substituted with — coconut juice. It contains phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium. But find it not so easy, and expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, scientific evidence suggests that moderate caffeine consumption did not helps to restore physical performance or to bring down the thirst. The caffeine in Pepsi, coffee and tea are a bad influence on the training result, moisture from the body and dehydrates us. Therefore, the modern experts suggest not drinking coffee for 40 minutes after a workout. Caffeine after a workout worse grow muscles, but the fat — perfectly. All the features do not know, because chemistry and physiology is not strong, since all of this out of my head flies very, very quickly.

The worst for drinking — the consumption of alcohol, especially the day after a workout. Alcohol interfere with muscle recovery after workouts and affects different types of performance. In addition, it also causes the body to lose precious moisture. Remember the hangover! It is easy to prevent dehydration with a selection of refreshing drinks, such as water or water infused with lemons.

After training the guys recommended to drink fresh juice, but we have it hard, so I recommend to replace it with milk… or chocolate milk. But personally I think it’s a great idea to drink a protein shake.

How to calculate the amount of water for each workout? The most banal calculations is about 0.3 — 0.4 liters per 10 kg of weight. Remember that it is possible to drink water, which is also not good for health because water is a natural solvent. Excessive use can cause edema, what you don’t want.

By the way, here’s an awesome calculator to calculate the amount of water. The only drawback — all you need to translate to feet and pounds.

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