How much to tip?

manygoodtips.com_1.10.2014_q9CrAeKewLA8CEvery time they give you the bill, you think: «How much to leave the waiter a tip?». And who you are, determines your final decision. If you’re one of the first dates with a girl, probably, lordly shake out a few bills from her purse. But if you’ve been together and you have a joint budget, it is likely that you will not let yourself leave the restaurant a round sum.

The more you go not only in restaurants, not only it is customary to give a tip. So you need to know how much is acceptable to write «tea» in a given situation. Let’s try to figure this out.

1. Food delivery


Drivers who deliver food at home, are a group of service workers, for whom generous tip is especially important. The vast majority of them uses their own funds, they spend the afternoon riding around the city and «kill» your car.

Do not skimp on the tip for the guy who brought you a hot and delicious meal. Be especially generous with the people you bought things systematically. Your attitude will affect the quality of service. Suggest adding to the overall check for the shipping not less than 150 rubles.

2. The bartender


When it comes to depression, you are in a bar where the bartender will pour you a glass or two. If he just opened the bottle and put it in front of you or pouring a glass of draught beer, you leave him no more than 50 rubles for each drink.

If you didn’t come here just to drink beer, and enjoy some exquisite cocktail, which the bartender really will work, then save some more money. But not much to shell out: it is better to spend a extra couple hundred for a delicious and strong drink.

3. Room service

Pora was.kom.ua_30.09.2014_OdSiNcOQ705dD

Here the system even more complicated than with the bartender. If you ordered lunch in the room, then when you submit the account, you will see that besides the menu items there will be a string «Service». That is the service included in the cheque total amount.

The Western system is often found not only in hotels but also in the various bars and restaurants. You were happy and thought that tipping is not mandatory? Well it you in vain! In a leather folder containing your check, there is a separate tip. That is, you would have to throw a few bucks, not counting the fact that your omelette with cheese and so cost you 320 rubles.

Don’t fall for this trick. If the price of the service included in the bill, you don’t need to add: put 320 rubles and let go with peace the guy who brought you food.

4. Takeaway


If you’ve come to the pizzeria or restaurant, just pick up your Packed order, you will still give the leather daddy with a check, which must be elastic for the tip. This is the same trick as in hotels.

Think about it, to whom you give a tip if you didn’t grab a table and you have serviced? Trust me, the chef didn’t rush after you, grabbing a skewer if you don’t leave anything. Don’t you dare think, «what am I redneck? Can’t you leave at least a hundred in this folder?» — better share a couple of extra gallons of gasoline at a nearby gas station. You can take a bag of food and quietly to go home.

5. At the car wash

Car washing is a fairly boring process. Of course, there are people who get high and enjoy water procedures involving their car, but we’re not one of them. So are you going to the wash, where a caring guy (not sexy blond in a bikini) will cause your car in order.

These guys sure earn less than you. Otherwise, they would have stood on their cars and didn’t wash your car. So you can leave them 50-100 rubles. This will be enough.

6. In the Barber shop


First, let’s delineate: there are stylists and there are barbers. If you’re going to a typical Barber shop, cut your hair where a maximum of 10 minutes, and then say that you 450 rubles, you can safely round up to 500. This is quite enough.

And if you visited a trendy lounge where you were offered chilled cucumber spring water or a coffee with whipped cream, then the tip should correspond to this service. You can calculate 20% of the cheque amount — this is the remuneration that you leave.

I hope that you are aware of the simple truth and you will feel the face. So, where you can push the boat out, and then with quiet soul to leave without further replenishments of the leather folder with the check. Can try this technique tonight when you invite a friend for dinner in a restaurant.

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