How much is Starbucks in different countries


Who and why goes to the Starbucks in the temple of a spiritual aesthetic, a Mecca for hipsters and your girlfriend? Someone for free wi-fi, someone is trying to get better, and someone really sits down and becomes addicted to the mocha frappuccino. Do not care what the Barista says your name incorrectly, most importantly, that delicious and the atmosphere is befitting.

Except that there are many who complain that Starbucks is too expensive and not the best habit. Complain much especially those who have been there 1-2 times and was disappointed in the price tag more than a mediocre frappe. But that’s nothing, look how much of our money to drink regular coffee in Paris, the Eiffel tower, or in Milan. We decided to investigate how much popular among people of Grand latte in 30 different cities around the world. So your girlfriend has a dream to do a selfie with a Cup of «Starbucks» on the background of the Colosseum a little podostyl. Though I must admit, that’s not so bad, especially in Rio. Probably because the raw materials are produced in Brazil. So we’re going to drink a latte in Rio.

Zurich, Switzerland

$6.96, or 447.68 rubles

Of course, I understand that their standard of living dramatically high, but the toad never would let me drink their coffee. Anyway to go to them.

Cancun, Mexico


$6.07, or 390.43 rubles

Mexico, the Cancun — like Sochi. The country is far from the title of the richest, but in the main resort of the country the prices are such that it is easier to fly in the near abroad.

Gardermoen, Oslo

$5.95, or 382.71 rubles

Gardermoen isn’t a city, it is a town near Oslo, which is the largest airport in the country. Given the fact that Norway is a Northern country, is very rich and $ 5 for her socially protected resident not so much, there is nothing to resent. Moreover, the airports are always crazy markup.

Brussels, Belgium

$5.90, or 379.5 rubles

Went to the capital of the European Parliament, the centuries-old sat on the steps near the town hall, looked at the crowd of Arab immigrants who terrorize the local residents and listened as the Walloons hate Flandreau, looked at the mountains of garbage piled up around the (very dirty city) and drank coffee for 380 rubles… dubious pleasure, especially if your journey budget

Bucharest, Romania

$5.40, or 347.33 rubles

I look at the Romanians and understand: quite brazen, damn Gypsies. One of the poorest countries of Europe, and so overstated the bar. To drink a latte under Gagauz motives — not our choice.

Berlin, Germany


$5.28, or 339.62 rubles

Even Berlin is cheaper, Romanians! Although we all know what drink you need to drink in Berlin. And in all of Germany.

Nelson, New Zealand

$5.18, or 333.83 rubles

The edge of the world — not the best coffee place for the Russian people. In General, Russian people are generally not beneficial financially to go there.

Hong Kong

$5.14, or 330.61 rubles

An island of capitalist prosperity on the edge of the Communist Empire always differed the high prices relative to the rest of China. But the standard of living there is much higher. Anyway life is markedly different.

Miami, USA

$5.08, or 326.75

Legendary resort, the prototype of Vice city, a Paradise with snow-white yacht, palm trees and lovely serfingistov. But here’s what is troubling: half of Russian pop stars own property, and we have the heart bleeds from such unpleasant fact that Valery Yakovlevich Leontiev is forced to pay so much for a latte. After he retired, sexy, but retired.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


$4.94, or 317.75

Every second person wants to go to the Netherlands, and not in order to observe the beautiful Tulip fields of white windmills. In between the fall you might want some coffee. So pay attention, it’s a little more expensive than in St. Petersburg. It is possible to go.

Singapore, Singapore

$4.91, or 315.82 rubles

Singapore knows how to surprise. The tiny state, breaking records on the quality of life and the dynamics of development, is widely considered not only as a Paradise on earth. Well, the coffee here is adequate.

Paris, France

$4.84, or 311.31 rubles

So much was paid by our angry fans in between fights with the British. And it’s tolerable.

New Delhi, India

$4.68, or 301.02 ruble

Yet a little, remove a couple of cents, and the barrier 300 rubles (not RS) would be overcome. But new Delhi is the capital, life there is boiling and low prices even something as undignified look.

Beijing, China


$4.60, or 295.88 rubles

That is, feel the difference. Especially compared to Hong Kong (Beijing capital). The coffee here is much cheaper than in the younger rebellious brother of China. By the way, by Chinese standards, quite expensive.

London, England

$4.59, or 295.23 rubles

In «the capital of great Britney» coffee for one cent cheaper than in the «capital of oua fuckin «Ali Express» shield». About as much compelled to pay Benedict Cumberbatch to drink your latte. If he was a Russian public sector, it would be expensive. Although, from the fact that Grande latte in London costs less than a latte Grande in Moscow, becomes very sad.

Tokyo, Japan

$4.58, or 294.59 rubles

The price is less and less one cent. The birthplace of hentai, rubber women and an amazing show. The Tokyo loving Western culture, it is not expensive to drink at Starbucks, if not several times a day.

Madrid, Spain


$4.34, or 279.15 rubles

Finally, who destroyed this tradition is to reduce prices to the cent. Then just 24 cents! It would be ironic if in coffee country, where they drink tea only during the disease, the coffee was worth more than 4 dollars and a half. Even if it’s an American coffee shop. Though the Spaniards do know a lot more coffee than Americans, and no doubt about it. But solid tones and Donji better go and drink natural, spicy like Oriental sweets, burning like the eyes of andalusite coffee in the cafeteria in the conditional Ernesto, what we are going to pay more for common brand.

Beirut, Lebanon

$4.31, or 277.22 rubles

Suffering and unsinkable Lebanon coffee like no less than hookahs. From and the prices are.

Athens, Greece

$4.00, or 257.28

Greeks don’t drink coffee, they have it jammed in an industrial scale. Balzac drank over 30 cups of night — just a punk compared to a simple Kiryakoza. National pastime of the country — to sit in the shade at a table and smoke block «Marlborough», washed down with delicious tobacco and coffee. What’s Jarmusch, «Coffee and cigarettes», that should look like film with the same name.

Natural coffee, brewed in the Turk, of course, a priority, but other types of favor. For example, the national drink frappe. Although each family has its own recipe for iced coffee that much tastier than Starbucks. Coffee in Greece — the national drink, so Starbucks is not mired in the lack of money, but he has to face furious competition of the national Palace. So it would be foolish to put the price above stated. Although it is overpriced. But the economy, you know, you have to reckon with it.

Sydney, Australia


$3.98, or 256 rubles

On the nose. Well done to the Australians. And the music is good, and the country, and coffee is okay. But the climate is not so.

Dublin, Ireland

$3.95, or 254.07 rubles

We certainly understand that in between drinking whiskey, and beer you need to freshen up, and coffee after drinking invigorates like nothing else. Especially not to drink tea, as their sworn enemies, the British. But to go to Dublin to drink coffee is utopian nonsense. It is better to Gines.

Vancouver, Canada

$3.38, or 217.41 rubles

Wow, how unexpected and nice. probably the price the neighbor is so low. In the end, the rainy grunge of Seattle, the headquarters of a total of 230 km.

Santiago, Chile

Clad in the proud Andes, the Latin American Republic knows mate. Of course, drinking mate at Starbucks, when every family has its own traditions of cooking — bad form. So they only drink fancy coffee with additives.

Although due to neighbors coffee is rife. And it’s worth to say that the price is quite reasonable for one of the most prosperous South American countries. If we draw a parallel with Russia, they have to drink lattes more profitable.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

$2.98, or 191.68 rubles

But neighbors, who, incidentally, coffee mate is exactly the same, coffee is cheaper. Find out who drinks more lattes from happiness Monday, after the America’s Cup finals, where will play the Argentines with the Chileans.

Istanbul, Turkey

$2.95, or 189.75 rubles

If you go to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the nose will hit divine blend of aromatic coffee, spicy sweets, tea, cardboard and incense. Near the tents, where they sell coffee, in addition to mile-long queues (mainly tourists) is divine thick fan of organic coffee, a convulsion all coffee drinkers and fight on the spot. Coffee is a national pride of the country, although local people prefer to drink tea from his famous pear of glasses. That’s probably why Starbucks is so reduced prices to at least fashionable young people they saw.

Manila, Philippines

$2.94, or 198,1 rubles

What do we know about the Philippines? It recently executed 11 drug dealers. Actually, lately all the news that are somehow connected with the war of the brave police with drug cartels. In addition, there is classically a low standard of living, and so drink at Starbucks can afford not everyone. But those who can pay 2 times less than in Russia. If the rich do not care for the middle class this is about as expensive as it is for us.

Cairo, Egypt

$2.94, or 198,1 rubles

Egypt is not lagging behind. Local coffee, especially such indifferent attitude. Yes, and it is not up to coffee, they have one concern, how would the country in order to bring and attract tourists.

Lima, Peru


$2.89, or 185.89

In Peru all also not «Starbucks», they have their herbs and teas and the coffee is local Gaucho boiled right in the pot. What the hell is «Starbucks»? Although… if they are, then someone buys. Are hipsters even in such poor countries.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

$1.49, or 95.84 rubles

What a beauty! Samba, coffee cheaper than hundred roubles, high crime, mulattos and Copacabana. Gorgeous. Why put a high price if this coffee is grown here?

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