How much is a first antique APPLE-1?


Amazing history of APPLE-1. All of us around her know about the biography of Steve jobs, for many it is a perfect example of building a business. So many look at such a model and prefer not to work, many are unaware that they are not Steve jobs.

Not so long ago in Germany sold under the hammer working the very first Apple-1, a mythical computer, released already in 1976. At what price to sell this legend? 671 $ 400. Including taxes, by the way. This is a record, especially considering the fact that last year an identical model went under the hammer for $ 640,000. Prior to this record was the model for which the posted 374 $ 500.


I do not need to explain why the first «Apples» are so expensive? The personality of Steve jobs, the history, the mystique around the company — for several reasons. But this model became famous though the fact that according to legend it gathered in the garage of Steve jobs along with Wozniak. Even Wozniak has signed on one of the chips. Then, this model was estimated at 666 dollars (interesting amount!), what in today’s money not a little, $ 2500.

At the moment computers there are only 6.

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