How much are you willing to kill a man

Life, perhaps, the most valuable thing a man can have. And when he loses it, then is forgotten. It takes only a few generations and it would have had. Very clearly demonstrates the fragility of our existence. And so valuable a life, as they say around?

The wave of violence

At the moment, every moment illuminate the planet thousands of deaths. Who dies on the battlefield, as in the bad old days, someone from syphilis or any other hideous disease, and someone hit the truck, smearing the remains on the highway. No one is immune from the dangers that surround us at every step. And when we’re not talking about a particular person, and talking about thousands, then death does not seem something terrible. It seems commonplace as the sun that sets in the West, or like the ripples from a thrown stone you.

Besides, we are imbued with the culture of violence. Watch movies where people dismember, watch the news, where bombs explode in hospitals or concert halls, or reading books where the main part of the story is murder. And the degree is heating up, getting hotter, and the scenes in the movie all the more cruel. What was terrible yesterday, seems ridiculous today. And now we care about an important question: when will the killing cease to be something terrible? I have no doubt that now there are underground clubs rich boys, where for the sake of entertainment are hunting for people. Why not? Do you doubt that this is possible in our world? Imagine a time when murder was commonplace for a person. In my head POPs up something ancient, something prehistoric or, in extreme cases, something medieval. Then, of course, there was no choice: either you die, or killed your enemy. But what now? If you omit all these fantasies about hunting rights?

Today, I would like to believe, is humanism. At least, today more than ever. And human life is more valuable, but the violence did not become less. Meanwhile, today everything is measured by money, and the best motivation is how you make sure every day at your job, is money. It is possible that people, good and decent, can kill your neighbor for money? Well, whether or not a neighbor, but some stranger, who is a real bastard (rapists for example)? We decided to talk on this subject, and to ask our readers.


When we thought about the price, then turned to the statistics and individual cases. For example, the study, which was published on the pages of the American edition of the Daily News, came to the following indicators: 6% of the population will be able to kill a man for one billion dollars. Hell, one fucking billion dollars! Don’t know about you, but I think they are a little exaggerate their moral principles. But it is important to add, because the States – not bad for the life of the country. People don’t starve, democracy seems to be living, and a person can afford luxuries, even if you work at a gas station. But if we take some poor African country where the value of the dollar signs will be thousands of times higher than in the United States, and the statistics we get different. If you have nothing to eat, drink and nowhere to live, then, of course, some of the righteous you haven’t made would, potentially you’re more than capable of murder, because you have nothing to lose.

However, to admit the whole thing for a modern and well-fed person is very difficult. Imagine a situation when you would have had the ability to deprive someone of life. Do indulgence: you’ll get your money (as much as you want) and kill the bastard (maniac, terrorist, or person responsible for the spam sent). In General, we decided to conduct a survey among my friends and readers online to find out what they have to say, it is necessary to start from the actual thoughts. In addition, we’re not a hungry country (yet) to take into account only the money.

Andrew: «Well, if you really a bad person or there DotA some and free could, probably.»

Olga: «I could kill a man, but the money does not play any role. If someone would threaten my life or the lives of loved ones, and I would be able to prevent this murder, then I would do it. Money I would not have taken in any case.»

Daniel: «For Fallout 4, but seriously, I would free killed. Although… I guess it depends on whom and under what circumstances.»

Catherine: «Thousand for one hundred dollars would Bang».

Use information from «the deep network», which can only take on faith, because we did not order hitmen truth, the truth! So, if you look at the local ads, then hire a guy to kill for money, can be in the range of 100-300 thousand – attention! – rubles. Yes, there is such a small amount you can collect almost any citizen of the country. It seems that all is not well with the spirituality of our population.


In General, the sixth commandment may violate any person would be just an excuse, the reason and the reward is better. What it says, not on the nature of man? It’s not about good and evil, and in what circumstances surround us, how the background information affects us and how we generally feel about life. Hardly a modern man that sees every day the death, can feel a real sympathy for her. And the majority of people remain law-abiding, despite the fact that in the minds of them might have other thoughts. It is possible that murder, by definition, rarely can be the result of desire and it is often the case that we are pushing from the outside.

Take the same war, where I’m sure no one wants to kill. Soldiers allowed to flow giving them money, or worse, some higher motives, which are similar to soap bubbles, when look at him better. And today I killed so many guys, and tomorrow they will kill even more. And nothing will make, we can only watch and wonder how we still live with each other in relative peace.

Take a look in the near future, I may be seen like in some fantasy movie. Suppose to be some kind of attraction, where two people gain a lot of money tickets. One of these people – the guy who decided to leave life is beautiful, and the other guy who wants to kill. And here they discuss the details, and then doing their job. The first goes up to heaven, and the second returns to his work, throwing the spent ticket for murder. Do you think there is such a thing popular?

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