How motivation actually works

We had a few articles about what is motivation, where to find it and how not to lose it. But, eating a large piece of cake on those damned Christmas vacation, I realized that motivation is not what we wrote many times. For some reason I thought that with motivation and willpower I have never had any problems the whole year not a single workout missed. But to refuse cake, wine, crab salad, cognac and beer I have for these six days for some reason failed as often as I wanted. So I decided to properly to think about questions of motivation, to remember all that I read about her in the near future, and to read the views of many dudes on this important issue.

If you really want to achieve some success in the form of qualitative growth of the basic physical parameters, to improve the appearance of your body, to grow a biceps and be strong like a Buffalo, you need a quality long-term motivation. Sometimes we confuse motivation with short-term military enthusiasm. What it is, I’ll explain. The fat man realizes that he’s fat and he don’t give girls. He hates himself and goes to the gym, or section begins to run in the mornings. Every time he starts training, he feels the need to overcome the burden, the pain, the nausea and all-consuming hatred of the process. Fuse — a thing short-term. Breathless fat man swinging two or three months then he throws up because of the rocking made him sick, and the fuse ran out. Of course, if the time to translate the passion into something long-term, after two months you will be engaged with fun, considering the fruits of his success in the mirror. In gonocyte Coelho «the Alchemist», I was reading one of my friend, sounds very seditious thought: «If you want something, the universe will help you!» This is complete crap! The universe doesn’t care about you, because it is a cluster of planets, vacuum and various celestial bodies, and the only person who can help you is you. So if you wanted to swing and become better, you didn’t do the first step, you’re standing on. When you acquire the motivation, then you will make the first move. First you need to understand the psychology of the process, to make the way of life and understand how you will live. To want is not enough.

Blah-blah-blah… motivation

Willpower, perseverance, determination, intelligence, ability to lift my ass off the couch and throw away the last donut — call it what you want.

Motivation comes from reading stories about how a handicapped girl with no hands can learn to press the bar with your feet. It doesn’t come from reading the biography of the Iron Arnie, Chuck Norris and other famous dudes. She comes to the realization that you’re fat (there are very many people who know they are fat but do nothing about it). In one blog on LJ I, a skinny person, a fan of fitness, which insulted fat ladies posting their pictures on my blog and scoffing at their folds and mounds. So, when you are insulted for the cause is also not motivation. This is something that can give the heat that I was spreading the idea of the tree above.

Willpower is like a muscle. If you’ve never trained and had no experience to limit yourself to something or sitting on a diet, you will have a real problem with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to be able to limit yourself from the very first years. As a child I was allergic, which itched almost all delicious: chocolate, citrus, fish products and tomatoes. With age, all but allergic to fish, passed. Don’t know, maybe a food Allergy manifests itself the same way anymore, but the ability to limit myself, I learned just then. If you have the experience of visiting sections of physical education classes, participation in competitions, you will be much easier. If you have this experience, it is necessary to. Sometimes you have to act according to the principle of «sterpitsya-slyubitsya» to develop willpower. No article in the world will not make you instantly change your life — of course, that contribute to the life events, the environment and thousands of articles about fitness and zubotychiny from like this. The problem is that people hate change. That they played the animal part of their nature. In this they resemble nervous cats who don’t like that their tray is moved to the side a couple of inches. The chance that you’ll go to the gym right now, may be more likely to make you hate this thing. This is not a personal fault, but our nature, which need to work correctly.

Good form, increase strength, agility and endurance carry attractive rewards for each person. A lot of people who tried to start. Perhaps, because of them as there are large sports complexes that sell tickets only for a year. Dude comes in some supermagical, where he lick it from all sides. He pays a huge sum once a year, naively believing that thus he will swing at least out of greed. But he still throws. Of the newcomers, who first came to the gym, only 30 percent goes to the gym year. Forty or seventy thousand roubles, given some aunties are not guaranteed that you’re going to the gym. Bath in it for sure, but the swing…

Motivation — the thing is extremely long. Without introspection and reflection is not enough. Are you seriously unable to convince your brain, yourself and your body in that going to the gym — the same as brushing your teeth, that is, without it, you will feel uncomfortable. You can convince yourself that to go to the gym is the best way to get rid of stress and tension from work or personal life, especially if you are working during exercise at 100 percent. You can try to use a method autohipnoza, persuading myself that after a workout you feel the warmth in joints and tissue, which spreads throughout your body, and your blood hormone of happiness just glows. Anyone thinks that each exercise makes it better, closer to ideal. Someone’s getting paranoid saying that he who does not goes to the gym five times a week, the essence of fat worthless pig, and he is a Superman, because not only swinging, but eats oatmeal in the morning with a scoop of peanut butter, the amount of which he meticulously measures on special scales.

All I mean is that there are no universal methods of motivation, it is for everyone. Motivation without changing lifestyle, thoughts and ability harmoniously to stick a healthy lifestyle, sections, swing and more in his life — is a short fuse that will burn through and will give you nothing. In the extreme case, if that you tight, you can just all hate: myself — for what was fat, or people who do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, is also a motivation, as not cool.

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