How is life in the mortgage

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_hfiDWE7HmV91PMortgage — the word clumsy, terrible, smells like some kind of bureaucracy and banking insolvency. When it comes to their own homes, many young people boldly reject option mortgage, because it «binds» or because «the country may quit at any time and that banks should fail.» Especially clearly shows the mood of the people who found the crisis of the 90s in the age of reason. They have seen shit that you never dreamed of. Today the same crisis, not as scary, but still provokes painful tremors in people who wanted to buy a house, and hoped to arrange his life. The currency is volatile, laws are changing daily, and banks do not give reason to believe in their competence.Mortgage as a phenomenon — something more than the old one. In 1754 on the initiative of count Pyotr Shuvalov opened the first lending institutions — noble banks that make Deposit on housing. In the middle of the XIX century in the Russian Empire appear the credit institutions that operate on the capitalist principle — formed the concept of a mortgage that lives up to the 1917 revolution. «Red period» caused the mortgage to retire, but only so she resurrected after the fall of the USSR. We just want to say that the history of the mortgage is nearly 200 years — this is not an invention of the 90s and certainly not the invention of the 00’s. However, despite its Mature age, to the mortgage ambiguous attitude to Russia — its more criticized than praised.

Every person who was thinking about the mortgage, but refused this option, knows a few truths: the mortgage apartment can be sold or leased without the Bank’s consent; such an apartment can lose if you get behind on payments, despite the fact that housing may be the only (so you can become homeless in a moment when career fortune will turn away from you); interest rate on mortgage loans in Russia is not cause for optimism; to pay have a long, very long, terribly long. And it is not always possible to pay. According to the statistics of Rosstat, mortgage arrears steadily growing every year (4.9% in relation to GDP).

Dynamics of growth of debt on mortgage housing loans (million rubles)

2006 — 52 789 million,

2007 — 233 897 million,

2008 — 611 212 million,

2009 — 1 070 329 million,

2010 1 010 889 million,

2011 — 1 129 373 million,

2012 — 1 478 982 million,

2013 — 1 997 204 million,

2014 — 2 648 859 million,

2015 — 3 528 379 million,

2016 — 3 920 442 million

In other words, over the past ten years mortgage debts of citizens before banks increased 74 times! On the other hand, there are also plenty of people who takes the mortgage, no matter what, and pays her without shouting, tears and tears. It turns out that not everything is so bad? And maybe the mortgage is one of the trump ways to stomp the floorboards of his apartment, and not someone else? To clarify the situation, we went right on the battlefield, took a group of selected «food» and asked them a question about how to live in the mortgage. I asked them: «do you Feel, dear, mortgage slaves?». Frankly, we were surprised by the answers very. Despite the fact that many of them decided to remain anonymous, all answered sincerely. So instead of our mind and game statistics, you’ll see the real experience from real people. Maybe they’ll help you deal with the most problematic issue of youth — «Where I live and for what?».

Paul rusk, 21

Job: Manager on work with corporate clients

City: Saint Petersburg

I live in St. Petersburg. The apartment took on the outskirts, but within a 7-minute walk from the metro station Devyatkino — so convenient. Studio finish, total area of which 29,23 per square meter, there is plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom. The price of the apartment at the time of purchase was 2 275 000 rubles. The decision that I need to not just rental housing, but private housing, there was just when moving to Saint Petersburg, it was in 2012. I decided to collect 1 million rubles for three years while studying at the University. That is, until fourth year I had to have the amount of down payment. Not to say that I put all efforts to achieve this goal, but the plan implemented in November 2015 I signed a contract with the Bank. 25 Nov spent the first payment (interest only — 1931 ruble). Every month I need to pay 14101 ruble, but I pay more to close the loan in three years. To do this, I set a goal to pay every month for 40 101 rubles. If we talk about 2015, that 51,2% of my income, if it’s about 2016, 38,19%. That’s a lot, but not catastrophic, given that I helped my parents (15,000 per month) and a girl (5000 per month).

I think if the mortgage is taken consciously, not out of despair, you can’t call it a burden. Never took to time to charge.Mortgage is not best solution to housing problems for everyone. There are many other ways, but the mortgage is the best solution for me. I generally hated the idea that otherwise would have to rent a house and feed another person, to simply exist in this city. Don’t understand how people have the strength to work in order to simply live. If to speak about Petersburg, rents are in 90% of cases more than an annuity from a Bank that imposes on you a lot more obligations and responsibilities. For me the obvious benefits of living in his apartment, and not removable.

This kind of loan affect the budget, but he binds me? I don’t think. The mortgage does not affect diet, leisure, freedom of movement. Once a month I set myself a reminder: «Make a transfer for a mortgage», that’s all. I was able to minimize certain expenses, but was removed and only those things without which you can do. The mortgage is not financial slavery, although that thought planted in the minds of the majority of people with mortgages did not have Affairs. Such a position borders on such absurd thoughts as «money is evil», «all the rich — critters», «financial and housing — unstable».

I can tell you once and for all accept the fact that everything in the world is unstable. Today you work, and you’re doing great, tomorrow’s crisis, reduction, and you’re unemployed. Today you have a successful business, and tomorrow came on the market a strong competitor is a monopolist, and you begin to survive. In this world of uncertainty you need to make hard decisions instead of whining: «Odd we are all unstable».

The idea that today is not the best time for a mortgage is wrong. I find buying in a newly built house with a down payment of 40% of the cost at current rates of lending, refinancing, inflation is a very good offer in the case that payments will greatly exceed the annuity of the Bank. The best thing about this will tell you the numbers:

Buy an apartment for 2 275 000 rubles. Paid the first installment of 48.35% (1 100 000) and take to credit money to the Bank at 12% per annum before and after the entry into ownership (this is important!). Thus, the annuity of the Bank 14 is 101 rubles per month, and for 15 years have to pay 2 538 180 rubles (115% of the overpayment for the whole period). Real interest rate is 7.73% per annum. Banks gladly would have written it in the ad but the law will not allow. Inflation, remember, 2015 was 12.9 %. If you set yourself a goal to pay off the entire loan in three years, as I do, you will have to pay 39 027 roubles, the overpayment will make only 229 972 rubles. All this information must be associated with the increase in the cost per square meter, while the apartment is being built. In this situation, the mortgage is very beneficial.I don’t regret taking out a mortgage. Think you could take a chance and stronger. Take, for example, an apartment at an earlier stage of construction, and while you were working — you could invest in a Bank, and a building for the purpose of resale, but this is a big risk. But when the risk is greater and yields higher. I recommend readers quickly determine with your life. Make real plans (when to buy a house, when the car when to start a family) to go through life freely. Men should define their goals up to 20 years. If done correctly, thoughtfully, then nothing bad will happen.

Maxim White, 27 years

Job: senior project engineer

City: Krasnodar

My wife and I bought an apartment almost in the center of Krasnodar. On the outskirts, maybe less, but there are excellent views of Chistyakovskaya grove and walk it’s close to work, no need to drive through traffic. Apartment block, in new building, two bedroom on the top floor (16th). Taking mortgage is not planned, it was a spontaneous decision after the wedding. About a year ago picked up and has managed to partially repay, but I would like to do this as early as possible — here are a few hampers for sale in the village.

The payment is 24 thousand rubles per month (25% of salary), can also help parents with partial repayment. Pay on time, take was not necessary. On account of always keep an amount equal to two monthly payments in case there are any unforeseen events.

Took out mortgages with the expectation of early repayment. If you pay for 5 years, then the price is quite adequate. But here I am a layman and may be wrong, but to live in another city do not want at all — only in Prague ready to move. Goals during this time are subject to change, but I took an apartment based on children, and when you have children, that goal will be their well-being. So we took three — room- space enough for everyone.

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_E1leNWSpay7dXI always thought that mortgages are evil. Thought it would be easier to save up and buy, not to suffer with the payments and obligations. But when I lived in a rented apartment and started a family, I realized that mortgage is what you need. When you rent the apartment, then the money goes nowhere. At any time the owner may raise the price or simply to evict. Besides, there’s always a desire to make quality repairs to equip the apartment, but to do it on a removable — no.

People are afraid to take out a mortgage, because the country is unstable, but stability, in my opinion, nowhere. Unless the payment is removed consistently (even the birthday), but in this life nothing is free. My parents are not billionaires: the mother is a primary school teacher, father retired. I don’t understand people who live in old and small apartments, but driving 1.5 million rubles and above. But here this type of people — they are more important then how they look in society, not their own comfort in the house. So I think that the mortgage is a perfectly acceptable proposal from the banks. People take cars and iPhones on credit, and our apartment is cheaper than some cars.

Life has changed, but rather the better — more responsibility. Eat the same as before. A bit limited in travel, cafes and clubs, bars and major purchases (only if necessary!). In the movie, even less go, but then blame the lack of interesting movies — has replaced the cinema, theatre, what excited. I like to work, wife loves her job. I’m looking forward to the move, so that the loan in my case motivates you to work harder and harder to develop themselves. There are no complaints. You want to make repairs, to move into my apartment and learning all pleasant. There is only the joy of acquisition and the expectations of home delivery that comes to December 2016.

Igor Aleksandrovich, 27 years

Job: head of sales

City: Kazan

In 2014, I took a modest one-bedroom apartment in a residential area of the city for 15 years. At first I thought I would take the room, but the apartment was better value — pay 15 000 rubles, there are still 5.5 years. Mortgage accounts for a third of earnings, the best months of the quarter, but it’s always noticeable. After all, I pay all by myself, completely on their own, but never late in payment.

First, there were the following thoughts: in Europe the percentage of personal property is small, and a lifetime rented housing for rent and live, raise children, die. But I am removed from housing 18, and the desire to have his corner outweighed all the arguments in favor of removal.

When you live in your mortgage, you have to keep a certain amount in NZ, and even better — the total of payments in case of job loss. This pushes all of my expenses. When there is free money — I’ll turn off the payment early, so I managed well to reduce the term of the loan. In this scenario, the overpayment is much smaller, and in the presence of inflation and rising prices for the apartment (not about our country now, unfortunately) you can even get a plus. Therefore, banks are not profitable early repayment of loans. My goal for the near future — as quickly as possible to close the mortgage, then to take another real estate that will get me more. Do not think that the mortgage is business of life, it is not necessary to stretch for the whole period, extinguish the sum of all available means and you will find the freedom ahead.

Life in Russia — it is slavery, therefore, in mortgage slavery I do not believe. So, the rules of the game are not so honest, if you look at American or European credits, but there is quite a different attitude to its citizens. It is necessary as-that to live here, to find different opportunities. Live for today, not sometime, therefore, the mortgage at that time was for me one of the ways not to lose to inflation the amount of down payment and move away from rental housing.The good: mortgage disciplinarum. Always think, what money have to make such payments, so trying to think ahead, looking for stability. My wife and I began to consider income and expenses, stop spending money on fleeting pleasure (maybe just too old) find their own housing. I decided to get married. Until that moment it was hard for me to make such a serious step. Generally, to save we have become stronger, but I don’t think it has to do only with a mortgage, the situation in the country requires. We even started to catch a buzz from what is possible what things or services to buy cheaper, with a little perseverance.

I don’t think my story is indicative in this respect, because I know examples when people the monthly payment is about 40 000, and is almost the entire income for the month. That’s how they live, I don’t know, maybe the support of loved ones helps. Some don’t live in the mortgage apartment, rent it and thereby partially block the payment (sometimes in full). My mortgage was disciplined, but to say that we often ourselves in something of a decline, I can’t. Just a more deliberate look at the costs, and that’s good.

Daria, 27 years

Work: Internet marketer

City: Krasnodar

I took a Studio apartment in new building in the center. The apartment I bought parents when I graduated University and began to earn a living. The first contribution was half the amount — half a cent to pay for 7 years. Monthly have to pay about 22, 000. Almost the entire amount parents pay, I pay the insurance, sometimes a monthly fee.

Due to the mortgage I live alone in a nice apartment close to work. Can throw parties and invite friends to visit.Of course, for me, the mortgage is not cumbersome, as parents pay. They manage to postpone the required amount, sometimes I cry, therefore the monthly payment we pay on time, early repayment is not planned and so all arranges. The parents have accumulated a large enough amount to buy an apartment, but it is still not enough for housing in a nice house and place, so decided to get a mortgage. It is better to remove, because the amount of the monthly payment is approximate the same as in the case of a lease for a nice rented apartment, the money does not go to waste. And it’s better than if we had continued to collect money for the full amount of housing in our country at any time there can be a crisis or a coup, and the money worthless.

Hold.kom.ua_2.12.2016_vY76PfkFs5KGbIf we talk about freedom, then my parent or financial freedom mortgage is not affected. Or affected, but in a positive way, because with a removable housing usually more problems. Those who for a long time, renting an apartment, you know what I’m talking about. Although the apartment is not completely mine, I consider her my property. The mortgage is not a bondage, from which it is impossible to get rid of. In a pinch you can sell or rent an apartment, like any other property.

Speaking about the timing of payments that many scares, I can only say one thing — the apartment is not changed once in 5 years and in the context of ownership of real estate regular fee for 15 years is not that long. To move to other cities and to radically change their plans more typical of the young people for whom long-term mortgage is not the best option. But if there is certainty, family, professional calling, why do not burden themselves with such a payment? But you get comfortable and, most importantly, their own homes. In my case the mortgage was taken for 7 years. I was worried that during that time I want to change the city or one room not enough for me for family reasons. It’s been 5 years and nothing has changed fundamentally. The apartment is me being totally satisfied. Well, again, the apartment can be taken to remove elsewhere. The main thing is that the monthly payment is correlated with rent per month. After the fall of the ruble to pay the mortgage has become even more profitable. The percentage has not changed, the Bank continues to take its 12%. So, no slavery in this — on the contrary, a lot of advantages.

Roman kupriy, 22 years

Job: designer

City: Ekaterinburg

I bought an apartment in a promising area of Ekaterinburg, which is now actively developing. One, good treatment and excellent residential complex, a lot of stores have everything you need to stop shopping and entertainment complex is practically next door, drive to work in 15 minutes. Had some problems with utilities (incredibly high prices for heating, water and Concierge service, which only does is sleep), but these problems do not relate to the facts of mortgage lending.

I, think, a special story. I didn’t want to take out a mortgage because they expect to move to another country, so I was thinking to rent an apartment, but the family was against it. It sounds funny, but when your father tells you: «are You an idiot or what? In my youth I rented an apartment, and it was the worst time of my life — the owner of the haunted», then we have to agree with him, because at that time my parents were fully provided. But I never retreated from his — to take out a mortgage hesitated, decided to rebel, to swim against the tide and when I graduated and got a job, search for a rented apartment. But then I broke off the father took a mortgage on himself, paid the first installment and put before the fact of real estate acquisition. It was a gift for a birthday, and I felt ambiguous.

I was glad I had housing, but I was not happy that this house I bought parents feel obligated to them, and themselves to some little boy who is not able to earn money independently.Worse, when I had to pay money (19 thousand a month), I again rescued the parents. My salary is slightly higher than the amount of the annuity so I could not pay 19 thousand, and the remaining 7 live. I especially did not show off, but even if you eat at the foot of the stern, it turns out difficult and work is my specialty in our region not so much — had to be content with what we have, and nowhere to go, the apartment has become a burden. Feeling, I must say, disgusting. When my parents realized that I can’t pay the mortgage, entrusted me with the payment of utility bills, and a mortgage took over. I even the girl of his don’t say because it’s embarrassing really, but nothing to do. It is possible that my mistake was that I left the rent on time, didn’t take the initiative. If you have average income, I would not recommend to take out a mortgage — now live, in General, by parents. I know that many do not see anything wrong with that. Parents pay hard — they earn well. But I believe this situation is unacceptable from the perspective of their own life goals.

Now I don’t pay the mortgage, but even in this case, I have great savings. The first months pay, then thought I would just die — not enough money, saved even for travel. About the food and say nothing — I could stray dogs are not advised such food. But we have Russia, where international relations tend to rotate grocery repression against its own people. I do not believe that we are all bad, but some things reach the point of absurdity. And I totally understand why some people in Moscow or rather in London decide what I eat and what laws to live. It’s disgusting, low and dirty. The worst in my case, what a different life I can not afford, because moving would mean one thing — the betrayal of the family.

Work 10 hours a day, then working another 4 hours in addition to collect the required amount on the early repayment of the loan. Are looking for various ways to bring this time, and may then sell the apartment to go to another city (even country), where they could earn more. My advice to the readers of your magazine the following: never get fooled on about their parents, even if they wish only the best for you, it might end this here is a race against time, where every year forces is becoming less and less. To take out a mortgage or not? If you are confident in your future and do not see the possibility to buy an apartment at once, probably, to take. In all other cases, think better and don’t listen to others (even to listen to me is not necessary).

Quite otherwise is the situation with foreign currency mortgages. You have to understand that the people who got under the hand of the financial crisis and have to pay the mortgage dollar — the most vulnerable people in the Russian state. The problem with currency mortgage so acute that the government has decided to consider a law that will forbid the employer to dismiss a person if he owes a mortgage. The law, to put it mildly, absurd, but what do the people who became victim of the financial jitters?

Option four: pay, living from hand to mouth; to abandon the apartment; sue; and to hammer on all and to live in outstanding apartment (if you have one, to evict do not have rights). It was very difficult to get the people who took currency mortgages, the questions are answered reluctantly, constantly engaged in the courts and fight for your life. But we found the man who told the story is very, very detail — laying out what I thought. But we are allowed to preserve his or her anonymity, and you know perfectly well why we did so.

Leonid Bagrov, 40 years

Work: white collar

City: Moscow

Options of your being in Russia range from homelessness to accommodation in the residences. The residence I didn’t have talent, or rather, of the administrative resource, which originally formed the Russian elite and social outcasts as something scary to fall (because you can not get out). The Golden mean is at the level of the apartment. I wanted to be able to live somewhere with a growing family for 20-30 years until retirement. From this I draw on.

The easiest option is living with his parents, but he immediately became obsolete as soon as I changed my city of residence. After I worked in the military industry for 10 years, the government has decided to send me to the Northern regions, and then another 5-10 years of work in the capital, where I had to move on to the CIS countries. But growing children was pathetic. Before the crossings would force young children to master, say, the Tajik language as the core, me, dad, I wanted to see them fluent in their native Russian language. So I stayed in the center, the prospects for me and the family here does not take away.

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_dQUwiS8mD8f0ISo, again we return to the question of housing. The first time we rented a house. Lasted for months the search of the apartment, which helped to evaluate all of the major rental problems: unsanitary conditions, strange many neighbors from nearby States, fraud, high cost and even age discrimination. «Children?», told me landlords. «No and no again! Better animals, but not children!». It is useless to argue. Eventually found an apartment which was removed for the first 45 thousand per month. The price tag grew from year to year, and the request for the registration of children, even temporary, has caused a panic attack the landlords. The apartment owners to contact tax not required.

In General, in the family we decided that for such money it was possible to get a real estate loan. The benefit of advertising of housing loans in our country every day catches the eye. Besides tired Prim tail, when you come to rental housing, the neighbors have not seen and do not pass the tax, after all, had to do a fake check for basic use of the social institutions (health care, kindergartens, schools). A desire to move into the legal sector and the basic economic benefits that were promised housing at least in his old age, and prompted me to contact the Bank for a mortgage. Decided that the mortgage of the alternatives has not. And that’s what happened.

I took two, in a very ordinary brick house without any frills. Chose the apartment by the family, so took on the crossroads of transport routes, near the ring road. In the center, if that can be reached in one way — school, the other a garden, and a third section for children. It was in 2014, just before the collapse of the ruble. Paying the mortgage half the monthly payment while you had savings and resources. At the time of registration, the amount of the monthly payment amounted to 70 thousand rubles. Now it is 125 thousand rubles with the expected term of full repayment period in 2034.

That is used to take about half of the income of the whole family, it was OK. But now the volatility of the payment reached 110% of revenue. Urgently needed additional sources of funds to repay the monthly payments: first it was premium and all savings, started after the processing, and then — in the part-time job for additional income.

It soon became apparent that the efforts are not enough, and we parted with a portion of the property. We gave the car valuable gadgets, bicycles, part of toys and things that usually keep for subsequent children.

But it was not enough! Connected parents — they were given a pension, while they themselves lived on the remainder. The crisis dragged on, and we sink deeper preserialize. Friends asked to borrow money, but I refrained from such a rash step had nothing to give.

Worldwide distortions arise try to resolve in a timely manner, as it was recently in Hungary, Poland and Croatia. Mortgage a form of loan should not be a burden if there are no crises. But in their native land in its current form the mortgage is a disaster! Most food iron payment discipline — they all payments pass in time, as it concerns at home. But the conditions in the country do not depend on your desires, you can not guess the game of the powerful, and when no sources of funds for payment, the choice between «feed» and «feed the Bank» I decided to feed the children.

All means of struggle to raise «the ship of the hearth», has been tried and failed. When payment is 110 percent of the family income, even partial feasible payment leads to the same result — exemption laid down flat in favor of the bankers. It is not a mere statement: the personal experience of my companions shows that the overall strategy of the bankers is to maximize the milking of funds from the client and subsequent forcing out of the apartment through the courts. So why voluntarily give money? I now do not pay the principal amount, but send the 100 dollar handout to the Bank to confirm that interest in solving problems in a civilized way, and not the wild (as President), I have kept.

In ideal conditions on a mortgage you should spend as much as was previously spent on rental housing with an error of up to 15%. And this situation could harm welfare. But the impact of foreign currency mortgage can be described simply — the complete destruction of the economy of your family. How many families broke up, many children suffered? And how many parents decided to commit suicide or found the money for the treatment of their children, because if the Bank withdraws the apartment, the children without a residence permit essential drugs are not available? Here and die — the tragedy of tragedies, the full horror. Person turns into a zombie that has a Bank all available funds. Got paid? To the Bank! Bummer prize? To the Bank! Are you a machine for the production of the Bank’s profit without rights to anything. You are not your own. Mortgage equal to three times of slavery, the alternative which is your unknown and not guaranteed by the dignity of old age.

I’ve changed. Changed as much as my mind accepted the position of hostage for all years. Yes, I was a hostage, if not more. Taurus, going to the slaughter. Something slave flashes through all the years of the mortgage. And if I’m so happy to end mortgage — like deliverance, then I do feel a slave to the mortgage, I was a slave! I’m tired of being a slave — like rest of the monthly hikes with the tax in cash. I’m wiped out, tired and started to become hungry for the rest of the pensioner. Oh, how treacherously gnawing question: «Why and who needs this sacrifice in length in 15 years?».If you think to get rid of the mortgage stranglehold by his command and will, then go ahead — knock yourself out, but to make it easy. Unfortunately, this story has one side with a kind friendly face and an insatiable appetite, as you know with time. This is our native state. Not A Family! It is not necessary to confuse warm with soft — state A. Abdulov in the movie «Genius» said, «I’m with the state gambling don’t play, all his cards are marked». Any change in social, domestic, financial and foreign policy threatens catastrophic for your mortgage plan consequences.

You don’t understand politics? I don’t understand. Rather, I understand as much as I was allowed to figure it out based on the filtered news background and publicly available documents. Known of the events of 2014 showed how the whole country is not understood in the public «mnogohodovok». In the end, I have foreign currency mortgages on onerous basis. No its does not remove the guilt: I could not take foreign currency mortgages as well as the Bank could not issue. So don’t sing songs #samivinovaty. It was not only like me, but also truckers, teachers, doctors, pensioners in the Crimea, and most impressive — the police! That someone would ask why you cops are to blame?

In its current form: with the exorbitant rates, the lack of rights of borrowers and the dominance of banks, as well as changing state priorities is a hell of a mix that can withstand an extremely small dose. Ie mortgage must be with a tiny monthly payment, for example, 10% of income, or the term of the mortgage should be the minimum to three years maximum, and then it is a serious risk of getting in trouble. It would be good to have the assets available to close the mortgage, urgent having sold them, and in other cases — do not take the mortgage.

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_xPNyv3jRR0LGqI have no regrets about the first mortgage, took two years. But the second is my curse, my hand is not that elbow, and shoulder chewed off! I am very sorry. Life at the household level was hell. First, there is the rejection of the «frills» I mean a cultural holiday, travel and gifts. In this moment there is a drastic optimization of costs in terms of non-personal and transfer to public transport. Then go sell everything you can sell. Starts scary savings on clothing, healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

I stopped saving when I caught myself thinking to stop her during dinner and say, «do Not eat everything on the plate, and tomorrow nothing will remain.» It was for me a shock: «there is no war outside the window… why I, as a blockade, sick children a piece of bread?».At some point I realized than suicide beckons the approaching train. An interesting sensation. God forbid anyone to experience. Our family saved itself a family and support each other. A big plus of the current mortgage (nothing can be done, have to admit) — and I, and the second half rallied with each other, learned to appreciate the moment and not look too far. We are all well, and tomorrow we don’t need at all — because tomorrow the court at the suit of Bank about withdrawal of the housing and the awarding of a multimillion-dollar debt after the seizure, because my family can’t pay 130% of income in favor of the Bank on the mortgage. Not everyone gets a chance to start life anew at age 40. And I’m ready for it and ready my back — my beloved family, so all will be well!

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