How is life in prison

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_VQFjesR79l8mRThe prison colony of General and strict regime – places are better to avoid, however, may enter any person, even the most innocent. This is a fact of life. Nothing can guarantee you your freedom for the rest of your days. Of course, should not be there, dude. But who, you ask? Repression, they are everywhere repression, judicial error, they are all miscarriages of justice. And the day is near, when for the post in a social network can be real and not nominal or monetary penalty. it looked a little bit on this subject from the inside and decided to share with you some things you may not know.


manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_9tuPo0nZhAHFXIf you suddenly appeared in a colony of common or strict regime, it will not do without money. Yes, sitting in jail is a costly enterprise. You’ll need a source of funding, if you suddenly decided to loosen the grip of deprivation on your throat, or generally just want to diversify their leisure.

Want to swing by and visit the hall? Need the money. Everyone you meet there will not allow it. Want cookies? Need the money. Want a pack of cigarettes? So, again, need the money. In prison there is nothing that you can’t get money, man. So, someone pulls them on drugs and tries to forget, but the most clever dudes take the book and to take his time training, reading and self-education.

Internet access

Hard to believe, but not only in a Norwegian prison of Andreas Breivik has Internet and video games. In many colonies there is also the possibility to access the network. Again a question of money, but the fact that you can continue to use the Internet or watch your favorite TV series, sitting behind bars in itself is strange. Of course, you should have time to rebound, and that can be a problem.


Yes, they were. What is surprising is that some of them have chosen to penetrate the ranks of the roosters. The benefit of this is questionable, but also there. First and foremost, representatives of the prison state is not accepted to beat, that is, they get some security. And we think that they also get profit in the form of any goods and the like.


manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_c3Dg3x0kaZZmRHere it straight. Yes, there are all sorts of checking for lice and stuff, but you don’t need much to shake it. Almost every novice passes this test and she might in appearance be different from colony to colony. So the prisoners tested on trust, because trust is in such conditions an important factor in relations between people. Usually everything is simple and corresponds to the logic. So try to be open and honest, but don’t talk too much and often.

Embedding the first comer the man that gets you in prison, not the best advice, so often featured in Hollywood films. Honestly, it can be fun to mess with other prisoners. Violent and insane no one likes. Look, there serving a sentence are the same people, as you yourself (Yes, everyone thinks that they are not to blame, with rare exception), and they really don’t care what you have cockroaches in your head, may you be a member of the Church of Satan or anyone else – nobody cares. The focus is on it is your human qualities. And it is courageous.

Hierarchy exists. Although in recent years it has undergone some changes. But the main thing remains the same: thieves in law – at the top, thanks to his money and relations, below – the rapists and pedophiles. To the last the prisoners had a special relationship: they are trying to humiliate and beat. Often pedophiles do not survive to maturity.


manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_kfDG95yWO8m6ASuicide is also not uncommon. Even among those who sat for a short while. Corny nerves. A family could throw, children and the like. And if we got behind that, then there is already overwhelming sense of injustice. But it is not necessary to bring themselves to it. So you will lose for sure. Yes, you’re in deep shit, but this shit can get. In addition, we can hope for parole or Amnesty, which in recent years the government carries out often enough. The last Amnesty took place on the Day of Victory – the connection feels weak, but maybe someone good now not sitting in the chamber because of it.


Yes, imagine that. The society in prison is not so different from society outside. Prisoners just do not like Americans, enjoy the Olympics and annexation of Crimea. And just as violently react to all the stuffing information, or propaganda. Access to external events. And the presence of that «patriotism» is also present. In General, very funny, when looking from the side. Here they are, the people who are trapped in the colony by the state and that this state support. The point is not guilt or innocence, but just that kind of irony is hard to think of yourself.

However, if you have enough funds, you can arrange a prison resort with prostitutes, booze and drugs. If not, you should do it. In any case, to provide a more or less normal life in such abnormal conditions, it is necessary to move and will. If you do nothing, the situation doesn’t change. And, of course, be careful and be able to make the right friends. Friends never hurts.

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