How has your computer over the last 5 years seems that 2011 was as recently as two days ago, but many in this time, everything changed. If now, in 2016 at least an hour to go 5 years ago, you surprised at how much hell had changed. And not only in terms of fashion, music and prices, much has changed in terms of technology. Here, for example computer technology, 5 years is well under way, just in the midst of constant innovations we have ceased to notice it. Oh and don’t forget the fact that not everyone has updated their laptops and PCs. Still very unfortunate that over 5 years the computer of a top can turn into an outsider.

For some, these changes will be news for someone to enclose noticeably outdated hardware.

The size and quality of laptop screen

Best selling laptops in 2011 were 15-inch behemoths, though some of them still demand, but encased in a more sleek and cute body. The last five years, from 15 inch gradually began to decline. What were the various reasons, the main of which were: the fragility of the big screen, and what display technology simply could not cope with such sizes. For example, 12-inch Chromebook boasted a resolution of 1280×800.

And in 2016, had a machine of a smaller size, but with the number of dots 1366×768 and it is not the best. All because in 5 years the picture quality has changed dramatically. Now for sorkasta need so much pixels, how many people in 2011 and never dreamed of.


manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_Pb40IN2VjMPmvOne of the most fundamental changes to our computers in the last decade and a half is the size and the cost of additional memory. Hard drive, bought five years ago probably has many holes, requires mains power and a USB connection to the computer, and if it is 500 GB or larger, probably the size of a small cinder block. But fashion to decrease the dimensions of passes, and now a terabyte can be sized iPod. Not like before, then hard drives can be had from pedophiles and maniacs to fight back, and now even the Terrier is not impressed.

A phone that connects to the computer

In 2011 to save their adventures for posterity, you had to connect the phone to the computer. And then, in a disgusting video as was uploaded in the social network. The latest generation of smartphone, connecting laptop to 2016 will be paired much better than half a decade ago. Faster to load video and endless streams of photos, and clean and more consistent connections become the norm. But most importantly, gave smartphones in the last five years, so are computers with a touchscreen. In 2011, been working on it.

Operating system

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_LDYMngEOj5Dq6In 2011 in the world of cell phones, tablets and computers it was a little confusing. Everyone tried to master all three units at once, but linked operating system that is more suited for devices with a graphical interface than devices made with the best functions of a desktop computer or laptop. In 2016, everything fell into place. Now operating systems are able to work on touch screens and on tablets and behaves decently with keyboard settings. There was a something else — laptops, I learned to combine the functions of the tablet.

The power of the processor

From the laptop of 2016 — baseline to 3.00 GHz, 3.50 GHz overclocking. Rejoice, your laptop very fast, almost instantaneous. And although you probably thought the same thing about the processor of your new computer five years ago, probably in 2011, it was closer to 2.5 GHz. Now this power… no, not funny, but knowing 3,50 GHz, 2,5 relatives not encouraging.

64-bit browsers

32-bit program, which you probably used in 2011, there may still be a good idea to upload a video, however, most likely, disappoint quality. One of the main reasons is that 64-bit browser required for work 145.6 RAM when opening and 905.3 with 10 tabs. Compare this with the average 32-bit browser, devouring 135.8 at the beginning of the absorbed a modest 583.1 with 10 tabs.

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