How growing up changes your attitude to life

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2016_wbtGKbWAZgHrtGrowing up does not pass unnoticed. You know, I became less energetic, less easy going. Health is deteriorating, and if you drink a liter of vodka in his youth felt. Begin to fall the hair, and when you look in the mirror, you begin to understand the former appearance will return. You can certainly train yourself to keep your body in shape, but not only has a body with a brain. They are also changing how and way of thinking. Not for the worse, don’t worry, but not the best — just start to think differently. For example, you have quite a different feel… 1 To what they think is justice When you get older, you begin to forget about such things as justice or injustice. The experience makes you realize that the world in which you live, not guided by some moral or ethical rules. You’re more attached to reality and not feelings. Instead of screaming about the problems you begin to solve them. Of course, it’s not about biological age, but in maturity, which gave you to understand that complaints will not help.

2 To of how people perceive you

Previously, we wanted to create a good impression, even to the detriment of its own interests. We worked a lot on image, social networking, clothing. We were very worried about how to behave, how to speak with superiors and how to find a common language with their parents. But now you’re not worried about that. You understand that some people, no matter how you try, you will be perceived negatively — others will be happy with you even if you shit him in the entrance. People appreciate and hate you for what you are, not for who you want to represent. Now you are less concerned about someone else’s opinion, because the opinions of the dearest people we already know. 3 To justify their mistakes Remember being twenty years old? Then you of every mistake was treated as a reason to yank the hair out of my head. The world was turned on its head when you made mistakes, did something wrong and meaningless. You made up excuses, reasons, to compensate for their schools, but it was so obvious to others that to sleep at night was difficult. Now everything has become easier. Mistakes are just mistakes. Everyone makes them, and you know it. There is no reason to torment his soul with them. There is no reason to make excuses. Now you just admit it and go on with my life.

4 waste of time

The closer to death the more you feel her breath. You could spend two days that pass some stupid game or watch a show. Now you know that time is the most valuable resource that you have. And it should be spend wisely. So you make more conscious action, not wasting time on nonsense and on what really makes you happy or gives you the opportunity to develop themselves. 5 To find good in man, do you Remember your first real relationship. If you rely on mass experience, they were, with high probability, just crazy. Did you have sex anywhere with my girlfriend, loved her and paid no attention to the shortcomings. The blood was pulsing, consumed the brain and you’re even moved in with her to live happily ever after. But in everyday life, and it appeared — a problem in the relationship. You tried to look for the good in the man as he tried to do it with friends and colleagues. Many people from your inner circle did not deserve that, and when you’re faced with the first change you understand. But a Mature person is one who has experienced the shock of betrayal. It has nothing to do with people are just, he becomes more suspicious and in some way safer in relation to networking. That is, it is not necessary to go through an endless cycle of social life. No time to delve into the life of another person, to find there something good.

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