How girls perceive body language

body languageWe men can be difficult to understand what the woman is trying to Express with their gestures. But they are clever: they always pay attention to body language and attract dudes who ably motion. The body shows us more than words, and women are much deeper analyze this information and more trust her.

So, this we are not far from animals. Body language plays a key role in any communication and is a very important part of human interaction.

Therefore, we, the men, it is important to understand what is the best option gestures, and learn to apply it when there are ladies.

To better explain how to work this thing, I will give you some stereotypical male characters with their inherent gestures — will discuss how they help in communicating with women body language. Of course relating to these types of people sign it so and not otherwise, by their nature, but for you to pretend to be them for its own benefit.

1. All attention to it

This dude is a true alpha male who possesses innate leadership qualities. Sometimes these dudes besides the rich that helps them to develop is the leadership. Often these types we see in the clubs — they are surrounded by women and «entourage.» In such situations, it is usually the center of attention, he makes a decision and everybody listens to it.

It emits some kind of alpha male attitude, which is so attractive to women. Everyone around him can see that he is the chief, that he keeps everything under control. Women are drawn to strong from the nature of men, because with them they feel secure.

His body language is based on the following principles: stand strong, widely separated shoulders, chest forward. He looks into the eyes of everyone talking, touching others with authority (patting on the shoulder, for example).

2. A very sociable man

Typically, this style is very popular and spins in many circles. He has many contacts, he can be in several places. This means that he has access to the hottest girls.

This dude attractive to women, because of demand. His ability just to interact with many women and at the same time have them success produces a snowball effect. The more he talks to attractive women, the more his wish for all women. As always: we certainly want to have what other people have — damn human nature.

Body language finds in it a relaxed man who does not closes when appears before him a beautiful woman. He says with friends easily, gently touching them at every opportunity; he’s not afraid to smile and always looks you in the eye. This dude is always moving, not standing still, talking to everyone and having fun. This behavior women always say to myself: it attracts them.

Someone from nature’s luck, and he is born with such abilities, but they can develop, if you really try. If you have the ability, with practice you can become a true master.

3. The secret adversary

This man has a truly phenomenal skill: he knows how to seduce girls that they don’t notice until the last moment! First you see him talking with a friend, and the next moment they already sit together in the taxi that’s taking them to him, to her.

He attracts women because he is able to handle them. He knows how to influence their emotions, how to make them feel good, he knows how to listen — a trait forgotten by many and many guys (though completely in vain!). This type knows when and where to touch the girls to create the right sexual tension.

His body language, as you already realized, very sexy. He often touches girlfriend’s legs when they sit, is not only its owner, but also the belly, lower back, shoulders. The secret adversary knows how to deal with their sexuality and not afraid to show a woman what he wants. He is confident in his intentions and always maintain eye contact.

This dudes always jealous, because not all know how to work their equipment.

Work on your body language

Our examples are very specific; they, like the temperament types, most often found in nature mixed together. It is important to remember that people, by nature endowed with these qualities, do not realize what they are doing — they just behave in the usual way, and they all work. Below you are able to do something with his gestures, we must understand what it is you want, and try to get into the mood. As soon as you succeed, you immediately forget about what we need to try and become natural.

Try to implement one of the above examples, any individual will see how it will affect how you react friends. For one night nothing will change beyond recognition, but over time your results will become better as you behave more naturally.

What else you need to remember?

  • Confident strut.
  • Get your hands out of your pockets and not crossed them on his chest.
  • Lift your chin and look where you’re going.
  • Movements are sure, don’t hesitate.
  • The back is straight.
  • The chest forward.
  • Always look in the eye.

If you start to follow one of the three strategies, you will see how to change the perception you have of other people.

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