How fun the people before electricity?

manygoodtips.com_21.01.2015_TcJc1c7derKPSImagine the situation: in your house turn off the light, but you did not care. Is your phone charged, «angry birds» is already loaded on the laptop or tablet there are a couple of movies – in fact, the absence of light will not affect your sad vacation. What if to deny you access to electricity even for a few days? At best, you’ll do the reading and come to the natural diurnal regime, and at worst – you’re in for a hell of breaking boredom and despair without the Internet and social networks. During these hours, you really do not understand how people lived without electricity and the benefits of civilization. And we tell you, live, and very fun. Trusovo, but definitely not boring. Intrigued? Then read about what inventing entertainment the inhabitants of the past centuries.

1. Party with the desecration of mummies


You were in Egypt? If Yes, which bought Souvenirs home? But in the nineteenth century, the British EN masse contracted egyptomania and arranged themed parties. Not so, where guests are limited to strong eye makeup with black eyeliner and a couple of bandages around the body. The gatherings were considered tasteless and unsuccessful if the guest was not «invited» a real mummy, recovered from Egyptian tombs. And the more the owner knew about the history of this subject, the better. If cursed – all perfect! Each guest could approach the corpse and look at what is left, if stayed, from the inside. It came to the point that the noble Lord was placed on the mummified bodies of former prisoners, as the dead of the Egyptians was not enough for everyone.

Much love for the organization of similar meetings was allocated a certain Thomas Pettigrew, a renowned surgeon and lover of antiquities. However, what started as an informative introduction to the history of another country, has fallen to complete insanity. The party guests tried to cut the body to make a piece of the mummified corpse, probably for good luck, or of linen in which was wrapped the mummy. Want to curse the next six generations of the family? Now you know what style you can throw a party next time!

2. Hunting for ferns


«What? The ferns?» So, dude, on the ferns. It all started with the fact that the researcher Bagshaw Nathaniel ward created a small greenhouse, where he began to breed this plant, unusual for the climate is misty and damp of London. His assistant didn’t waste any time and began to spread rumors that the fern helps men with impotency, cures dementia, and generally, only intellectuals and sages are allowed to keep in the house like greens. The trick worked: in a short time the fern was regarded as an essential attribute of wealth and success in society.

The price of some rare species exceeded a thousand pounds, and that at the current rate. But appreciated the thrill of the hunt for this amazing plant. Held competitions to see who finds it first. There have been numerous accidents and deaths: people fell off a cliff, broken limbs and the flu. All for one lousy fern. Was described the case when a couple of newlyweds got into a conflict with representatives of the Apache tribe to protect, because armed Indians, passing by on her Indian Affairs, could inadvertently trample plants.

And you will never love their unborn child as the British, who lived in the Victorian era, loved those office plants.

3. Poke a stick in mental hospital patients


It is now, when you’re especially bored, you’re cut funny or vulgar videos on YouTube, but in London the XVII century, gave preference to another spectacular leisure. One day there was nothing better to take the whole family for a walk in a psychiatric hospital and observe the crazy life in their natural habitat. In such places people haven’t tried to cure. Under the guise of good intentions by the owners to earn it. Bethlem Royal hospital required a fee for entrance as a sign of offering, and here you are on the spot. And you can do almost anything your heart desires. Throw in crazy objects, pinching and push them, yell at them and bring to a rage, mock and even having Finance and loopholes to fuck a young patient of the hospital.

At the time mental disorders are considered just punishment for a sinful life, which means that a person has received and continues to deserve. Your hand moves only the Lord’s punishment, so come and bring your children. On Tuesdays, the discount.

4. «Growing» ornamental hermit in the garden


Imagine a warm spring night, you sit in the gazebo at the garden and drink a Cup of tea in the company of friends. Then out of the bushes comes the miserable appearance of the pensioner, dressed in rags, shaggy and dirty, sad looking at you and hiding in the shade of the trees. «Oh, never mind, this is just my personal garden the hermit,» you say. And then all the attendees want to spend the night with you, and men envious twist mustache and respectful snorts in your direction.

Ornamental hermits were considered a fixture in the homes where it was the last fashion trends.

Step one: take a job the older man, though he lives in a tent, a cave or pit on your land seven years. Dirt and haggard look are welcome.

Step two: call the friends to a tea party.

Step three: show them a decorative hermit.

Ready. You’re wonderful!

Just do not forget to pay a man wages on time, from approximately 600 pounds per month.

5. Collecting body parts


You know how it is — Here in the first frame, you leave your teeth. But then going from his apartment the Museum, full of skeletons, tumors, and deformed fruit. Some parts of the body were so popular that people were willing to break the law and to pay any money to get.

Our old friend Thomas «Amateur mummy» Pettigrew again stood out. He acquired the skull AGANA, Australian indigenous leader of the rebels, who was killed by bounty hunters. Pettigrew’s head was decorated with laces and feathers, ordered the painting to the head of a dead man organically fit into the interior, and when all was done according to Feng Shui, invited friends to a dinner party testimony.

Now, sit down and think about how bored you are living in a time of fast-paced age of advanced technology.

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