How football makes you fat?

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Fans eat 16 percent more fatty food when their team loses — as evidenced by the results of recent research published in the journal Psychological Science. The loss of their favorite team leads you to obesity, my friend. After a bad match, fans turn their attention to food. The next time your favorite team will break your heart, try to use our advice in order not to harm yourself.

1. Eat before leaving for the game

If you go to the stadium, it’s just what the doctor ordered. To be fed — the easiest way to protect yourself from overeating, your team will suddenly fail. Even the second Breakfast will get you more good than if you’re a drunken order yourself at the bar an extra portion of French fries.

2. Drink a beer

Item for dudes who prefer to watch football on TV at home or in the sports bar. Light and silly beer to taste a little different from the water, but because it’s easy to drink more. Where does the beer? Right in your belly. We don’t need this. If you choose a high-quality beer with a pleasant aroma and distinct taste, you know that don’t drink the water, and settle fewer.

3. Between Beers, skip the water

Try it between two bottles of beer to drink a glass of water. Alcohol removes water from the body, and the balance should be restored, to tomorrow you didn’t have a hangover. In addition, the water fills the stomach, and as a result holds less food and drink, and this is also good. And last wines: cardio during breaks when you go to the toilet.

4. Don’t eat chips

I understand, dude, they taste divine. But better take a crisp fruit or vegetable snack: carrots, celery with hummus or Apple slices. I saw in the shop, even meat chips — they must go too. Whatever you eat, it is best to put it in a bowl (if you’re there) to see how much you’ve pushed yourself and how much is left — this helps to correctly estimate the resources of the body.

5. Eat popcorn

It is much easier than nachos, wings and cheese sticks. Besides, it’s much more healthy choices that are also delicious. You can experiment with ingredients: you may just salt and butter is a timeless classic, to which you can add any seasoning or herbs.

6. Leave the dishes on the table

If you’re watching football at home, you will constantly want to clear the table during the commercials. Commendable if you’re a fan of cleanliness, but not this time. Clear the table in such cases is a mistake. When you drink (as in matches the vast majority of dudes drinking), just want to eat something greasy, that’s why beer and eating chips and not carrots. If the table is empty, you start to think that you haven’t eaten anything, and so you can eat something. When the table is filled to overflowing with empty plates, you, first, will be too lazy to clear, and secondly, it will take a lot of time, thirdly, you will understand that enough is eaten.

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