How faster to cook and wash the dishes after cooking

Hi friend, in this section we will constantly publish tips that will help you to improve your life in terms of everyday life, learn to stir up cool cocktails with minimal cost,, cook high for half an hour, will tell, how for half an hour a day to do a set of exercises which will insure you against the appearance of a beer belly and not only. Faster how to cook and clean after cooking?

Even if some of them seem primitive to you, you should not write angry comments, because we are all different and if you’re already a t-TSAT years live alone (or girlfriend), some bro might just topple from their ancestors and are just starting to learn the basics of independent living. In General, here are tips, compiled by the experienced bro to other bro.

So, time to start today, friend, we will give some simple recommendations that will help you to speed up the cooking process and save time on washing dishes, because I want more to eat, especially if you spent the whole day outside the home and to do what on a high.

If you’re going to cook pasta, potatoes or cereals, as soon as the water starts to heat up — wait, wait (it will boil faster). After boiling, you can add there a piece of cream (in a pinch and vegetable) oil. This in turn will accelerate the process of cooking, because the boiling point of oil (well, in this case water content) is much higher than that of water.

To meat ( and fish) rather melted — put it in a pot or bowl and cover with warm water (not boiling water!).

Going to cook eggs? Before lowering them into the boiling water put them in a deep bowl and pour warm water, then wait five minutes until they warmed up. So the eggs cook faster and will not burst from the sudden drop in temperature.

Now a few recommendations in washing dishes

Immediately zamachivat dirty dishes, Castelli and pans, as scraping dried-on pasta lesson is not pleasant.

If dirty dishes are a little — put it around the sink, so that each plate stood separately. Thus, you will not dirty their lower part, and therefore, the washing process takes twice less time than in the case when the mountain dishes dumped in the sink.

Decided to make your life easier and buy a sink for dishes? Then it is better directly on it to hang the sticker with the inscription «don’t forget to remove large food remnants», or the dishes after washing will be like that, as if she was purposely trying to stain as much as possible.

That’s all for today, until next time, friend.:)


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