How «dry» the body?


Want to dry the body to fly. How «dry» this is the body? Thanks in advance for the answer!


The dryer can be quite harmful for the body, so abuse it is not recommended. If you want to use the dryer, as the only way to banish all miracle fat to fly and to dry your press, it’s not a good idea. A single universal method, no drying. A lot of them, and in every serious coaches must find their own methods. Especially if that coach is acting athlete.

Generally, drying should go after a period of masonboro. You got quality meat, well fed and dragged the weight, now it’s summer and you want the result of your work was obvious, to fit the terrain. Dried even a little athlete — a very good idea. It seems a man can have muscles, but they look clean, bump is not as beautiful as we would like. Drying is accompanied by a special training and a special diet that is low in carbohydrates.

During this period you need to put yourself on a strict diet and try to follow a certain amount of calories. For each worker it’s own, you can find on the Internet a series of formulas to calculate the number of calories for yourself. The diet is not the only way, otherwise you will lose not only fat but also muscle!

Be sure to enter in your workouts, a large amount of aerobic exercise. These different types of cardio: step ellipse, jump rope, running. The best kind of interval cardio. It is the best fat burner. Also, such loads will greatly increase your endurance.

If you want to use fat burners from the store of sports nutrition. Many of them really work, although in sporting circles there are rumors going around about the benefit, harm or lack of results.

During drying need to focus on the underlying complex exercises: bench press, military press, dead lifts, squats, lunges, pull rod in the slope, and many other exercises. They are so energy-consuming! Another principle of the new workouts — high reps. It’s not 20 and not 30, and 12-15 reps with small but not the smallest weights. The training itself needs to be intense enough and short. If muscle aches no, it’s okay you don’t practice on a lot!

Look in the direction of circuit training and supersets — they are also very good and spend a lot of calories.

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