How does the idea of fitness and your body after 22 years

While studying at University, I ate lots and lots of wobble. I was not lazy to get outside to hang on the bar, swing on them and to catch up. I was in great shape, but my metabolism even more beautiful. But after level in 22 years, something began to change. My metabolism went into a deep ass two or three workouts a week was not enough to stay in shape, and I started to get fat. Changed first taste habits, I began to lighten up, I have less time because of work, so I started to think that I need to eat more, because I due to the mental work and burn more. I have to say that this is a huge mistake in my life, to be sure that my office work is equivalent in calorie expenditure of one extra hamburger. So after 22 years when your metabolism starts to change, I advise you desperate to monitor their loads and nutrition.

1. In 22 years you sure you’re in the best shape of your life


Or so. If you don’t eat in huge quantities, you are slender as a deer. First, the recently passed state exams, and secondly, you recently wrote a diploma. Your body is quite worried, stress was a lot. You are at the peak of their capabilities. Remembering all of their friends in 22 years, I can confidently say that 80 percent of them were long and thin. Or just thin. May with muscles, but nothing more.

Here you admit his major error, you assured yourself that your body has a great metabolism and always will be.

2. 23. You begin to sway and grow in mass


You 23. Now your body is covered with muscles, and all because of that first job that you have now all the time, began to bring you enough money to go to the gym. You know how to drink the protein and fat burners. Sometimes you eat Breakfast protein bars. Your young body quickly gets used to training 3-4 times a week. If yourself quickly accustomed to it, you won’t be able to live without rocking. Looking through the mirror of their boxes, you feel like the king of the world. If you start to swing fundamentally, while your friends have already started, you continue to be lean and flat, not noticing as the first fat darkening your body. Perhaps the appearance of the tummy.

3. 24. You start to pay attention to junk food and are trying to compensate


On the one hand, you firmly believe that you still look cool, and your metabolism allows you to grind one Buffalo and pasta Carbonara to boot. But you get older, bad habits fall on your metabolism heavy load. And yet you forget not to eat before bed and drink plenty of water. You’re more likely to eat junk food, knowing that several approaches in the gym will help you to cope with a hamburger that weighs 500 calories. An article which describes in detail, how much in calories «worth» each office snack here. Read it useful. Do not try to replace regular coke with coke light. Will not help.

4. 25. You begin strongly to score on a workout


If you do exercise the sense of his life, or at least a nice hobby, interest will gradually fade. If earlier the only reasonable reason not to attend was death, now are you ready to go home after work just because the sky there was a dark suspicious cloud. Do you think your experience in fitness will help you to stay in the form of at least a few months. You throw to go to the gym. Perhaps you are trying to compensate for the going to him with a game of table tennis or Billiards, but it’s almost pointless.

5. 26. You quickly begin to lose shape. You have a belly


Your muscles quickly fade. Now you have flabby arms and there was a nasty tummy. You assured everyone and myself that just work and you don’t have time to look after themselves. Dietary habits have long since disappeared, and you eat when you want no matter want you do. You haven’t been exercising. You do not even remember when you were last in the gym. About the gym and weights you remember with some sadness, like the passion of youth, of folly, to please the girls. Now are you sure that the gym you absolutely do not need.

6. 27. Your uniform has long been lost. You’re fat

Had the first pain in the joints and the lower back. You can’t sit in one position because your body is numb and sick for a long time. You have gone all the what used to be called stretch. After drawing some heavy things you have sore muscles after a hard workout. Are you sure this is a result of the harmful influence of iron and swing in College.

Towards the end of the year you begin to understand that he has become fat, you have fat in all places, and it is not cool. You either score in this case, because I am sure that you many years, or are beginning to resort to some efforts: buy dumbbells, nailed to the doorway of the bar. You may again be recorded to the gym. At first, the workouts do not work. You start to get angry, and perhaps even drop it. But when you change your dietary habits, you realize that everything is in its place and in training there is nothing wrong. You feel you’ve found Nirvana.

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