How does technology affect relationships

Recently, we often turn to the topic of technology. And what they really filled our lives, they have infiltrated everywhere! We talked how technology affects travel, some strange pieces taught robots — and that’s not all. Even in our relationships with the opposite sex technology had to intervene. I could write a giant treatise on how technology is ruining the relationship between man and woman, but it’s not my job. Will try to be brief.

Despite the fact that we are so different, the relationship between a man and a woman had stood the test of time. And just imagine that throughout history we have moved to what are now bound at the hands and feet of our cell phones and endlessly pick up the words and emoticons to make it look appropriate.

Today in terms of relations between a man and a woman live human interaction fades into the background, for the first out of technological progress. This is probably the biggest turning point in relations since then, as Adam and eve were expelled from Eden gardens (no religious overtones! So it just sounds more epic).

I do not mean that interpersonal communication really gone or is on the verge of extinction, however, between the introduction and the first date (and between all subsequent dates) is a thick layer of SMS conversations in Skype and instagram in General, the different shit that destroys us until we start real communication and normal conversation. And I’m not talking about Facebook and Twitter. Before my friend first went out, we have a whole week communicated only with all this garbage. And it was unbearable.

Oh, if I had to live in a simpler era…

Many guys probably don’t remember, but less than a generation ago — somewhere in the year 1999, we did not spend so much time on nonsense. If the dude liked friend, he just told her about that, and if he loved her, everything was simple. First date — a second date — more than simple hugs and kisses, third date, you’re now officially Dating.

Of course, I was not able to meet with friends, as we with you understand this: I belong to a generation of mobile phones and the Internet. But I can imagine that to mobile phones all progressed much faster and not complicated by this constant thinking, hypocrisy, jealousy and a reassessment of hearsay and flour — the typical things today if you’re thinking of someone to meet.

Now all these factors as if that were natural to attempt to have a relationship. So, humanity hardly made it to the XXI century, but it is so burdened by these technologies, it would be possible to think. So, thanks to them it is easier and more comfortable life, but would be even better if we somehow stopped neurotically checking every second, we didn’t have the long-awaited text from the most girly, and just went out with her.

Instead of this simple scheme we have 21 questions that you can 21 give a detailed answer depending on each situation:

When I send the first SMS? What to write? Or is it better to call? And it is necessary to leave a voice message if she doesn’t respond? Or, maybe just via Twitter, Facebook or Skype? Why don’t you just meet?

If at first you did not have these technological problems, it is likely, then they will hit you with double force:

How do I respond? How to keep the conversation going? Why is she still not replied? Maybe even write? When to ask her out? How to invite to write or call? What do I say when she answers? Where to call, if she agrees?

And these constant thoughts bother us every day and without end put pressure on the psyche. No stability, one stress. But this continues until between the two of you in fact still nothing. When you finally go on a first date, you already talked about it, and here you are in front of each other without cover — then the cell phones? You need to ask questions and answer them here and now, and it is not easy for those who are accustomed not to hurry with the answer and to weigh every word.

What can I say? What not to say? What to order? And when it is appropriate to check your phone? How to go to the toilet? As she did, like it or not? How to ask? Why not skip all that and get down to business?

And to all these questions there is no universal answer. I’d love to give you some suitable advice, but a lot of them — on the advice in each case. And this is our brave new world, where in real life we become helpless even in the face of such trifles.

Both men and women feel insecure, setting the stage for the relationship under the yoke of technology. But we are learning. And a lot of work.

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