How do you spell «LL» AND «STERILE». Trying to figure out

manygoodtips.com_2.04.2015_jYa2S3OAQ3HglThis opus is dedicated to all those strong, independent individuals who love to write illiterate nonsense and talk about what they do not need to learn, and so they achieved everything. «If you’re so smart-where’s your money?» – asked the shocked scientist. You know, the Irish one of a social network is a system of fines for basic grammatical violations. If you exceed the limit, you will lose your page forever. It is clear that this social network is a success and will soon be closed, because the Irish people are wayward, and they really don’t like when some «bastard teaches life, if you’re so smart, come out one by one»! But such a rule would have to enter in all social networks.

It is one of the foundations of statehood. When people lose it, they lose their history, their achievements. This is speaking beautifully. And if we are really to get off the brakes and say things as they are, learn to distinguish between the cases of writing-TSYA -LL! This at least! Not to shame! Even a fifth grader writes intelligently! Here there is no being a «Grammar Nazi»: it is an elementary attempt to point out the most common problems when writing. If you want to write an angry comment, write it correctly, without errors. The author will be pleased.

PS If you find the text that is misspelled, it’s not me – it’s all masons, 2 classes of parochial and alcohol. What right do I have to write all this? And who, if not!

That is to say, the quintessence of all the mistakes made by millions. For all «Grammar Nazi» is a symbol of the struggle for the purity of the language (I’m scared to write next to the word «Nazi» is «purity.» I know, in this calculation.) Like Joan of arc for the French during the hundred years War. Although Jeanne did not know how, and the glory of God.

It is actually just platitudes

– «-tsya» written in that case, if a verb answers the question «what makes?»;

– «-tsya» ‘re supposed to appear in the verb, if it answers the question «what to do?».


– What MAKES Bartholomew?

Bartholomew expandable in the alley.

– What do we DO then?

– Go with him.

I don’t want.

– Have.

Soft sign is actually an insidious thing. How many words were warped by his presence/absence. Therefore, the «s» is important and necessary to put:

– in the infinitive form of the verb, which is called the beautiful word «infinitive»: «to smear»;

– at the end of the verb 2nd person singular present or future time: «Pontueshsya «prioriy» in front of your friends; fuck in the «prior» without friends»;

– after consonants in forms of the imperative. However, there is an exception – the «y» and «g»: «Lie down on the couch, gently slide. After rinse mouth and spit it out»;

in return particle (suffix), standing after a vowel sound: «Drink», «going to Barf», «Crash».

In other cases, verb endings «s» is not included (What makes? Is heroin). He loves to blow his nose in the hand in front of the ladies, but «he blew his nose in my hand.»

And finally consolidate the material. If the word «infinitive» you’re just as alien and incomprehensible as the word «adequacy» Gauguin Solntsev, there is an easier way:

«Xia» – recoil particle, which stands for «themselves». Say this form completely, and everything will become clear:

«He likes finding yourself in front of a date,» you’re not going to say «naivety». It’s not old Russian.

«We should wash up to gangrene not get», – «namyvat» can not write; «tainted.»

«The women in the bath bathe». – «The women bathed themselves.»

«I came to bath Kuzma – the women ran to hide.» – «Ran to hide themselves from the accursed Kuzma».

Let’s look at the material studied on the basis of the good old songs VIA the speaker called «XS»:

Friends, let’s figure out (what to do? – disassemble)

And agree (to finish)

To whom, when and with whom to fuck, (fuck)

In order not to break off. (there is no such word «Obmanyvat»)

But when you are in agreement (doing what?)

And figure out (same thing)

Then have some fun

And… well, you understand.

Now, remember the school and do an exercise to consolidate the material. Put the soft sign, where necessary.

Stepanida suggested shot..seen in the film easy content.

The Ferapont wanted narrat..Xia. But the district forbade him priblizit..smiling to the porch.

Pantaleon glues..Sya to Genevieve. Genevieve first binds..Sya, but later gives annoying..Sya Panteleimon.

Lazy fat ass roof prohodit..Xia.

Not spitting..Sya residents in the well. Residents know not to spit in there..smiling. Handy Sya..water…Xia.

For today the lesson is over, goodbye!

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