How do you know that it’s time for you to live independently?


Sometimes even after we found a job and finished College, we continue to live with parents, not seeing anything wrong with that. We feed mom happy that she has a boyfriend and with my dad in the evenings to talk to. But really you need to go. Seriously, man, get up and leave, because you came it is time to separate from his family to form a new branch of the society. And you’re still attached to someone else’s thread. Do not be so! We must become independent and, most importantly, give parents, finally, to live their own lives. You think they don’t want personal space. «They’re his parents,» you say, which generally can be a personal space? I’m part of their family and we share everything! We’re family!». In short, get these stupid thoughts out of your head and leave parents alone, they are people too and want to live independently! How do you know that you have URGENTLY to move?

1. Your parents strongly hint to you that you don’t want to pay for you

Dude, I’m ashamed to take money from relatives for the holidays. Shame if they have to pay for you! They have long want to live together, respect personal space, man! Who said that parents can not be?

2. You don’t know how to cook

Therapy in the form of urgent relocation from their parents will teach you exquisite dishes such as boiled chicken with buckwheat and fried chicken with rice.

3. Your mom needs to wash your underwear and other lingerie

Even if the presence of the machine, it turned into a matter of five minutes, they still need to spread and somewhere to hang. And with a strong contamination to wash hands. Fuuu!

4. You’re afraid of loneliness

Loneliness is not scary! All our life passes in solitude. While you do not understand, you will not become fully human, so just get out.

5. You just broke something at home

Just go!

6. Eating alone seems unbearable to you

Head of a woman, no?

7. Friends of your girlfriend are very similar to the dudes from the TV series «Friends» or «How I met your mother»

With them will be fun!

8. You hope that your girlfriend will be cleaning up after you

Some bro is really lucky to have such girls who will clean up after you, but their patience is boundless, pay attention!

9. You used your mom cooks for you and brings into the room

It’s some kind of perversion, man! Urgently give me your balls, you don’t deserve it!

10. You barely have a sex life, because stupidly nowhere

It’s time to move or do you think that girl likes to fuck, feeling your mom through the wall?

11. So you can have a dog or cat

The cat and the dog is great, believe me! And about the cats we recently wrote!

12. To move always cheaper than buying two wedding rings

Remember this, young Padawan!

13. You think you’re going to spend more time with their expenses. And save

About the last one — complete crap, but as for the first, you at least will learn responsibility and the ability to spend wisely.

14. Housewarming party involves gifts

And inviting guests! The cost, man!

15. It will make you an adult

You’re right, dude, will do and how! The farther away from parents, the more love!

16. It’s just logical and right

Yeah, man, exactly!

17. Your mom recently remarried

Let mom build personal happiness, man! Now you’re here.

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