How did you come to this: 25 years, view of childhood

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_h0uw85q6ZD9CpWhen you were a child the age of 20-25 years regarded you as a time of real maturity. Did you see all those guys and girls who are cool on their own and thought you very cool. But it’s something, and you have exceeded dvadtsatnik. You’re still young, but not for long. And how did your expectations differ from what actually is? Let’s face it.

Do you feel older? In General, it is unlikely that the feeling of maturity may depend on age. Rather, maturity is determined in the moment when you ask questions, and answer them. If you look back and think to remember all of our dreams and stuff that we thought was very important at a young age, when it seemed that the whole life ahead of you, and so long as that is to do nothing, now our mistakes seem to be very funny. Anyway, here’s a list of what you could be wrong, and could not be mistaken. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, just like life, but I think that in 20-25 years from people about some problems.


You always thought that you’re going to cook itself. We really think that a man should be able to cook and to understand in cooking something. But, as you understand, time for all this is not enough, so simply call the the delivery service, especially when you come home exhausted.


In childhood you wanted to live in a big house of log cabins, somewhere in the middle of the forest or the snow, but now I live in a stuffy city in a small apartment in a building in the yard which every night driving around young owners of mopeds, which I want to strangle him.


You thought you know a lot about this world, and you will be asking advice on how earlier you were asking it from their parents. But now you just got to Google a question, and he’ll find an answer.


It seemed before that the problem with taxes you will not touch, because they are not as big, and as you do not have time to pay them? But you manage each time to delay payments.


You thought you could be relied upon, but the responsibility is not the best trait of your personality. God knows why, but every time you forget that you promised to different people, and then promise again.


You thought wages will be enough to safely travel the world when you want it. But the economic crisis, the average wage in the country and the devaluation of the ruble was a different opinion on this.


You thought you can complete their higher education, but all you can complete is a bottle of whiskey.


You thought, what exactly will be able to go to another country at any time, when you want, but you can barely afford the flight to this country.


manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_vHLe1NQBnFURQYou thought that by this time you could be a chef, but in fact can not even cope with his microwave.


You thought those around you will curl a couple of cool friends, but really you can hardly not to ruin even a first date.


I bet you imagined how you’d eat a great dinner, washed down with fine wine, and everything is so cultural. But instead, you’re draining shots one after the other in a local bar.


Probably you believed that you have a lot of innovative ideas that are needed in this world, and your pocket money will grow to 500 000, but when you turned 25 the year, you’re a little depressed.


manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_eqrLUEuJROICxYou thought your relationship with your parents improve in some extent, but you need them only when you have not enough money.


You thought that you will have plenty of good singles, lots of good friends. And like friends really full, but real friends among them.


You thought you were going to successfully move up the career ladder, and you will be appreciated for your quality, because the company is profitable to raise good people. But you’re sitting in a small stuffy office and doing dull routine work.

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