How come your problem

Sooner or later everyone is faced with insurmountable difficulties. Many throw up their hands and submit to his fate, sinking into a swamp over time, complex and at times far-fetched problems. And nobody knows how such life stages to fight, because there is no understanding of their causes. We know that nothing comes from emptiness. Every phenomenon has its cause.

The source of the problem – ourselves

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_ifnJdKZGU2lDWPerhaps the most common group of our defeats.

If you caught the black key on the piano of existence, in most cases, you blame yourself. Of course, you’ll blame everyone except themselves. But it is better from it will not. You need to man up and admit their mistakes. Get comfortable in a chair, smoke a cigarette or make some coffee and think. Well think about it, in absolute silence. If you look at their actions from a third, disinterested party, you’ll probably understand where the Shoe pinches and where you are pouring so much garbage and shit.

How to cope:

Use your brain and don’t go crazy, that’s all. Of course, when you have to admit his guilt. For example, if you left a girlfriend, there is nothing to drown out the loss heavily on 666 days, enough to blame the girl. She’s not a prostitute, just a person who’s not right for you. Should just turn the page and start thinking about the next steps. And, of course, not to repeat the same mistakes.

The source of the problem – asshole

We often complain about people who do not really know. Write about assholes, fools and cattle. And it happens that your problems really blame the asshole, not you. Make no mistake, this happens infrequently, but if it happens, look to his most inner circle, to those people with whom you communicate daily.

How to cope:

If you have a lot of «friends» who pull you down, turn it off. Stop to chat with degenerates, stop trying to solve the problem of freeloaders. I think everyone has a friend who always asks to borrow money. After all, he «lost his job», and he, of course, and not lift a finger to make this work to turn back. To help people in need, it is. But always draws a clear line between asking for help and using your good nature.

The source of the problem – force majeure

Pora was.kom.ua_22.03.2016_5yzoNX71H6HB9And still the unexpected happens like a sudden death of a loved one, a reduction of the work, despite the crisis, or fell on the head of a sickness that was impossible to prevent, even if you do exercises in the morning since I was two. How to treat this? Many people associate suits with something divine, trying to make sense of it. People begin to rebuild their lives, to make sense of their experience. Sometimes this leads to good results: a person a second wind, he changes the qualifications and live a more meaningful life. But there are opposite cases when a person completely loses interest to everything around him and just starts to slowly die.

How to cope:

If the case is minor, just forget about it. To change anything you can, anything from you not dependent. Just accept and move on. But if we are talking about some kind of turning point that can to break you, take her seriously. No need to suppress traumatic events and try to forget. They need to realize, and then to draw conclusions. They do not necessarily have to be rational persuasion, because the scale of the Universe from almost nothing depends. So I turn to good old-fashioned spirituality, and rethinking your path. If you really want to wallow on in the office after suffering a heart attack? If your friend did not, how will you live? And if you miraculously survived the crash, it remains your attitude to his former safety?

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