How can I let go of people or to forget it entirely



Good day!

My life is so complicated that a lot of people disappeared from it, leaving only the next. I decided to forget all those with whom I almost never see in order to start almost with a clean slate. Besides, I now understand that I was those people, in General, I do not like (I’ve changed — they’ve changed). With some of the associated feelings with certain emotions, but I know what I need to forget them, to not think about them all the time, and I know I never really was nothing.

So, I appeal to you, because I hope that you know how to let go or to forget it entirely.

I hope you understand me.

Thank you.


Hey, dude! If you had to leave friends and most of their environment, it is likely that you feel very lousy. At least it can be understood from your question. But why are you torturing yourself, I understand, alas, can not.

After all, you have deliberately ceased to communicate with them, say yourself that you and they have already changed, so nothing was kept by these people. It seems to me that you are now trying to create a problem out of nothing. You did the right thing. In life you still have time to avoid unnecessary second-rate friends, but better not to let them near.

But if you’re really bad, then you need to try to fix it. The first thing to do is indeed to erase them from memory like you actually want to do. So you need to be distracted. As a rule, in this case, the people climb in the Internet and lost there day and night. You can try to do something more useful. Of course, I must once again advise you to: read books, develop and so on. Can view our website and find a couple of suitable Lithgow.

By the way, a good option is to engage your body. You can buy a membership to a gym close to home, there you will find a few people to escape. Spend time with benefits — to prepare your body for new adventures. If you find it difficult to communicate with people in person, find a few friends in social networks. I won’t tell that in Internet you can find one or soulmate. Gone are the days and you need to get out of the cave. Those people who are just like you met a girl/guy in the social network has managed to marry and usually live happily ever after.

I’m not saying that in the Internet you will definitely find new friends or even a girl, it’s just a great option to get distracted. I also know that you will be able to entertain — divination by This is not an option, like women, when you need to look into a mirror, light some candles… Now close your eyes and pick one number from 1 to 10. Now, open main. Make a number from 1 to 15 and from 1 to 22. The first number is the section name. Look at the top of the main page: if you guessed 6, you had the category «Food». Open it. The second number is the page number, which you can find at the end. The third is a sequence number of the article.

Separation. It inevitably awaits everyone who decided to go his own way. You love people and countless dreams parting with them does not promise happiness or sadness.Now, open this article. If you ran on «Food» then tonight you have to cook a delicious dinner. If caught in a «pornographic actress», then prepare a new folder: soon there will be video with this girl in the main roles (or not appear, if you read about the possible dangers of pornography). I think you have enough brains to deal with other topics, so you can begin this exciting game.

The most important thing I would advise — don’t take your anger out on these people (if any). On the contrary try to make something good with them. And even in your breakup there are positive aspects. After all, you learned something. Taught? The first months you’ll still be fraught with is a nasty feeling, but I hope that soon will still be able to get rid of it.

Think of it as an inevitable coincidence. Life, she is. No you are not to blame, nor of these people, just at some point you went separate ways, and that’s fine. You could not always be in the same condition. You need to forget about this situation. The more you say that they were practically spit on you. Well, let then go to hell! But you have guys who are willing to support you and have advised some garbage. If anything, come on in – we’re always here!

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