How can I be with my life? The right plans for the New year

The shop Windows have already begun to decorate with garlands and psevdoerozii monograms, and therefore not far off the New year. The new year is not only a time of champagne and Olivier, but also the traditional beginning of a new life for all who want this new life to get. It is time to think about the future.

You can certainly dream big: to open a restaurant, become an important boss or to write a novel, but this do not work (except the novel). It is better to look at life realistically and soberly assess what improvement you have enough forces.

Instead of having to worry about what’ll get you next year, start to create a solid Foundation for their future success. If you ever took the time to understand what skills you will need in the future, and to learn them. There are tips that will help you do to be better.

Even if you think you’re doing great, there are always areas where you have to go.

1. Spend money on experiences, not things

There are guys who quietly lead a humdrum life, go to work, live with her family, lie on the sofa and so their life is up to forty years. Then they suddenly caught himself, clutching his head, immediately leave their families, quit their jobs and begin for no reason to play drums just because they realize that they have not managed to live, and at the door already knocking old age. You don’t want to repeat their fate? No, you want to be the guy that only lived in his youth, who believes he’s married to the right woman and he works on the most suitable job. All this will come to you if you’re going to spend money on the purchase, and experience. You don’t need a giant plasma — better go and see Europe. Do what had long dreamed of, then to nothing to regret.

2. Find yourself a role model

It is as difficult as to find yourself in all respects a suitable job. Studies show that a role model helps to get more pleasure from what you do. When you learn from someone who does what you like to do in the future, the best schools to find. Think about what you want to do in ten years, and mark for a man, whose footsteps would pass. Talk to him: «I appreciate your advice, we could talk during lunch?» Tell me, what would they have to learn, but without subservience. Anyway, a role model is important not only in the professional sphere. You can find a friend who will teach you how to get over a breakup or how to solve the family problem. That wouldn’t bother you, there will always be people who can give you valuable advice.

3. To make connection

They not only help your career, but generally will tell you what you want to do. Always take a trial period: it is necessary not only to employers, to decide fit you or not. During this time, you will understand whether this is for you. You’re not just trying to adapt to their expectations, but also work on his future career, on personal development. If you get pleasure from what you do, this is a good sign. Even if you don’t take it, you’ll be looking for a job in the same field further by putting in your resume.

4. To learn a second foreign language

Psychological studies have shown that people who speak two or more foreign languages, become smarter. That is a skill that will make you say, multi-tasking and will be effective for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as strengthen your memory. Students who study two foreign languages, better cope with tests and test than those who speak only one. Surprisingly, these people better understand even math. Moreover, the more languages you know, so they become more valuable to employers.

5. Spend more time with family

Maybe that’s not so obvious, but the success is not only important in a career. We taught you when you reach a certain income level, happiness does not depend on the money. For most people, happiness is born from a combination of success in various spheres of life. It is important to have a stable and happy relationship. So turn off your phone, close your browser and talk to your friend, parents, brothers and sisters. Learn to enjoy time spent with family.

6. To learn more

If you’re twenties, you’re in good shape, eager to learn and become better — travel as much as possible and as far as possible. Sleep on the floor if I have to. Learn how other people live, cook, eat. Learn from them. To learn different ways: to read, to travel to different countries, to communicate with new acquaintances, watch movies, to attend lectures. The more you do, the more interesting you are, the better you are.

7. Keep a diary

Perhaps you have already seen in my own experience, that the memory may fail and erase from your mind even the most precious memories. Write them down. Every night or even every week, take time to write about all the things that make you happy. Describe their successes and their failures, how are things at home and at work.

Often we have no idea what determines our happiness (some even think it is that makes them happy then that really spoils the mood). When keeping a journal, it becomes easier to introspect and to determine what exactly you need. So you begin to see the future how you react to certain events and things, the basis on which to decide how your words and thoughts with deeds and experiences, and how different your perceptions of the situation from reality. Introspection is the key to ensure not to repeat the mistakes and understand how to behave in the future.

8. Not to be bound

Strong and healthy relationships affect your happiness, but if in haste to associate themselves, forgive me for the cliché, the knot, the effect may be opposite. If you’re only a little over twenty, do not rush. The woman you want to marry will influence your life in every aspect, so you should not make any hasty decisions. Do not rush when you decide if you’re ready to settle down. You don’t want to end up being near the wrong person and unable to leave him?

9. To grow up

Many young people continue to play even when moving into the rank of adults. A good example is relationships: how long should you wait before responding to a text, what to say, what not to say — life is full of unspoken rules. Enough to see things in this light, these standards do not have the power of immutable truths. When you are a Mature person, it can be seen with the naked eye. Keep it simple and people will be pulled.

10. Live within your means

Think of it this way: the sooner you begin to save, the sooner you gain. One morning you Wake up and realize that old. It will happen even sooner than you think. So start saving now, otherwise in old age you’ll regret that you was a spendthrift. Moreover, living on a budget means spending less than you earn. If you spend the last hundred from his salary day your next payday, it is unlikely you will be able something accumulate. There is always the temptation to spend the accumulated amount for something nice, but before you do, think again. Your effort was worth it?

11. To be disciplined

Adults differ from children discipline. Thus the difference between success and adults from the losers. If you learn this in your youth, then there will be no problems. We learn to be disciplined, because we with age begins to rely more responsibility. However, you can develop this quality further — though not because you are compelled, but of their own free will, knowing the benefits of discipline. A disciplined person knows what he wants from life, has a plan and always takes it. When you reach a goal, it motivates you to go further. Where to start? Be honest with yourself and tell yourself what goals you are pursuing. Write them on paper. Remember. Then start to come up with a plan and persistently follow it.

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